50 Jiasha last month, half a month high

50 Jiasha last month, half a month high

The impact of the Lunar New Year holiday, the main Grade A office building in Hong Kong (hereinafter referred to as Jiaxia) trading slightly declined, the United States Industrial and Commercial Bureau (00459) Information Research Department and the United States business data show that the main 50 buildings in Hong Kong (hereinafter referred to as the top 50 In the month of February, 10 transactions were recorded, which was 3 or 23% lower than the 13 cases in January. It was the second highest transaction volume in the past six months.

The bank pointed out that in February, the turnover of Jiaxia was concentrated in Kowloon, a total of 6 cases, a decrease of 1 case from 7 cases in January; the construction area was reduced by about 64% from approximately 38,600 square meters in January to approximately February. 1.4 million square feet. There were 5 transactions in Hong Kong Island in January and only 3 transactions in February. The construction area involved was about 41,400 square feet in January, which was about 84% less than that of the previous month. There is one transaction in the New Territories, which is the same as in January.

Shun Tak Centre voted in February

In February, the Shun Tak Centre in Sheung Wan recorded 2 transactions, which was the most completed of the company, involving a construction area of ​​approximately 4,980 square feet. The remaining transactions were from the Queensway Lippo Centre and the Tsim Sha Tsui Newport Centre.

Weng Hongxiang, Director of Operations and Commercial Director of Midland Industrial and Commercial Bank, said that due to the influence of the Lunar New Year holiday, the trading volume of Jiasha was lower in February, but the trading volume of Jiaxia in the first two months of this year has been compared with the monthly transaction in the fourth quarter of last year. Less than 10 cases improved, mainly because the owners are willing to broaden the bargaining space in recent months, stimulating prospective buyers to enter the market. Weng Hongxiang said that the Sino-US trade negotiations are now dawning and other factors, which will make the trading atmosphere of commercial buildings expected to be driven. It is expected that the trading volume of Jiasha in March will be stable.