8 cases of theft from the island, 2 arrests, 700,000 stolen goods

The Criminal Division of the Marine Police Region arrested two men in Cheung Chau yesterday morning, involving 8 theft cases in the Islands District in recent months, involving more than $1.3 million

The police said that from March to October this year, there were a number of thefts in the outlying islands, of which 8 involved a total amount of 1.3 million yuan. The losses were mainly watches, jewellery, currency and antiques. The thieves targeted low-density houses and independent houses. And the units that have not locked the doors and windows, sneaked into the house through the water pipes to plunder. In one of the cases, the thief moved a mini safe containing about 700,000 yuan worth of watches, jewellery and new and old currencies.

Police launched an operation in the early morning of the 29th to arrest a 39-year-old man surnamed Zhang and a 49-year-old man surnamed Wu in Cheung Chau

Police officers then held a court warrant to search for the man surnamed Zhang in Cheung Chau and found a property worth about 700,000 yuan and a receipt for a watch. The amount involved was $120,000.

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