First mortgage, “Spicy", 8 million buildings can be borrowed 90%, only for existing buildings, uncompleted

The Chief Executive, Mrs Lam, announced his third Policy Address yesterday, focusing on housing and land supply

She stressed that every Hong Kong person should “no longer need to think about housing problems" and propose ten measures ( The maximum price of the mortgage for the first-time mortgage is $4 million to $8 million, and up to 80% of the mortgage for flats can be applied. The ceiling on mortgage prices has increased from six million to $10 million. For example, a family of eight million yuan, a family of about 58,000 yuan a month, can apply for a 90% mortgage through a stress test. Reporter: Deng Junfeng

In the past four months, under the impact of the anti-reform riots, the property prices that continue to rise have begun to adjust. The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, used the Housing and Land Policy as the focus of the new Policy Address yesterday and stressed that a clear objective has been set out. “We must let every Hong Kong person and his family no longer have to think about housing problems. All will be able to build a home of their own in Hong Kong, a city we share."

Monthly contribution of 28,900

In the past, the Government has applied for the first time home buyers who have not owned residential properties in Hong Kong to apply for a 90% mortgage insurance price ceiling, which was doubled from the original $4 million. Up to eight million yuan. For example, in the case of a $8 million unit, before the new measures come into effect, the public can only obtain a maximum of 60% of the mortgages, that is, at least 40% or $3.2 million for the first period, but his monthly contribution. For only 19,297 yuan, the family can pass the stress test with a monthly income of 46,053 yuan.

Under the new measures, a first-time owner can borrow 90% of the mortgage

Without calculating other expenses, only 800,000 yuan can be used for the first phase. If the first homeowner is required to apply for a 90% mortgage at a rate of 2,625, and a 30-year repayment, he will pay a monthly fee of 28,910 if he does not calculate the premium. Nine yuan, so his family’s monthly income of more than 57,838 yuan can be obtained through the most basic terms of contribution and income ratio, but through a higher pressure test, that is, assuming the interest rate He rose by three cents and his family’s monthly income exceeded $69,079.

According to government sources, the property market has been hot in the past, but it has changed slightly in recent days. It is considered to be a suitable time to raise the upper limit of the property price. The upper limit of $8 million is considered to include most of the market on the market. On the other hand, since the policy hopes to assist owners in solving their immediate home purchase needs, the above measures are only applicable to the existing building and not to the uncompleted flats. The source said that it is more difficult to assess the number of beneficiaries under the new measures, and that property prices are affected by different factors.

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