First-hand cargo tail 12,000 gangs increase 8% to 8 months maximum vacancy tax approaching

The long-awaited Ratings Bill 2019, known as the “first-hand vacant tax", has been formally first read and will be set up in the Legislative Council for scrutiny

As the vacancy tax is approaching, and the policy address is positive for the property market, developers are accelerating the pace of pushing. Another data indicates that the new disk sales have slowed down, causing the overall new cargo shipments to rise for four consecutive months. Reporter: Li Jiajun

In the past few months, the overall one-handed sales volume has continued to be higher than the new sales, and the overall new cargo shipments have risen for four consecutive months

According to the statistics of the Q-room network, the first-hand residential property sales information network (SRPE) and the Buildings Department showed that as of October 22, the total number of first-hand cargo has increased to 12,310, an increase of 7.7% from 11,434 at the end of last month. At the eight-month high, the overall cargo-to-tail ratio rose to 12.7%. However, as most of the new flats were pre-sales, the overall strength of the existing building was 4,652, which was the same as last month, and it was more than a year low. As the new policy address has relaxed the upper limit of the 90% mortgage insurance, some of the purchasing power has flowed to the second-hand market, resulting in only 517 gangs of sales this month as of October 22, even if there is a large new disk sale on Monday. It is estimated that the overall first-hand sales in the month will only maintain the level of 1,000 to 1,200, but it is expected that the sales will reach 1,500.

According to Chen Kunxing, the managing director of the Hong Kong-based website, the vacant tax legislation has been launched. I believe that in the future, the developer will speed up the launch of the new market and have the opportunity to increase the volume of the existing property. The developer’s pricing strategy will remain prudent and reasonable. However, the overall new market situation in the future will still depend on whether the Sino-US trade negotiations will be further tempered later, and whether there will be signs of a series of social incidents. Overall, there will be a number of new deployments in the coming months. As the overall cargo load continues to increase, developers are also required to increase their promotional offers. It is expected that the overall new market will continue to be busy in the fourth quarter.

Large unit sales are affected by new housing policy

The vacant tax is about to be introduced. Zhang Zhichu, the managing director of Yanliang Consulting and Evaluation, believes that the most affected material is the large silver code unit, including the characteristic units and independent houses whose property prices have exceeded 10 million yuan. He believes that the cargo tail is subject to the recent relaxation of mortgage insurance. The first purchase of less than $10 million will be able to cover up to 80% of the flats. The flats have not benefited. Moreover, with the recent use of second-hand activity and increased choices, it is not always possible to grab a passenger with a large amount of cargo. However, he is convinced that the developers will not be able to reduce their prices directly on the price list. This will affect the pricing of new orders in the future or the price reduction in the form of commissions. Many developers will also push forward the trading period and “stay first and then pay" Overdue taxes.

As for the nano-store market, Zhang Qiaochu believes that the nano-family is a by-product of the high-yield mortgages in the past. It is believed that the relaxation of buyers after the insurance has increased greatly, and the developers or the medium-sized units have turned to the market, resulting in a decline in the construction of 200 units.

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