80% of the housing estates fell

Affected by the overall economic slowdown and the tense social atmosphere, the property market has suddenly turned downward in the second half of the year, and banks have reservations about the market outlook

The newspaper tracked 20 large-scale second-hand housing units, with 16 or 80% of the estimates being adjusted quarterly. Among them, 5 fell more than half, and Tianhuwei Jiahu Villa fell 7.7%.

The bank lowered the valuation of several large housing estates, of which Jiahu Villa fell the most

The high-rise households in Lehuju, Jiahu Mountain Villa, have been declining in recent months. The current estimate is 5.65 million yuan, down from 6.1 million yuan in early July, down 470,000 yuan, with a practical area of ​​548 square meters, and the price is 10,310 yuan. Nakahara Wu Yaozu said that the project rebounded in September and recorded about 45 cases. At present, about 50% of the owners are willing to pay the price. The individual bidding price is lower than the “five goals". For example, there are 5 low-rise two-bedroom households in Cuihuju, with a saleable area of ​​449 square meters, a price of 4.97 million yuan and a price of 11,069 yuan.

Yingwan Park admission fee 6.3 million

Driven by the price cuts, the housing estate was recorded and sold. Xiang Yi Lin Jialun said that Jinghuju has a low-rise E room with a practical area of ​​446 square meters. The initial price was 5.8 million yuan, and the price was reduced by 3 yuan to 750,000 yuan. It was sold at 5.05 million yuan and the price was 11,323 yuan. The buyer is a person in the district, seeing the property price fall, and the owner is willing to provide bargaining space, so he decided to enter the market.

Latest valuation of major housing estates

As for Tung Chung, there were frequent cases of rent-taking investors in the past month, which caused the property prices to plummet. The price of individual estates was priced at $9,000. The middle-level households of Block 3 of Yingwan Park in the district have a usable area of ​​494 square meters. The estimate is down by 480,000 yuan or 6.7% quarter-to-quarter, and is now 6.67 million yuan. Tung Wing Property, Mr Tsang Wai-ming, said that more than 20 transactions were recorded on the market last month, and the pace of trading was significantly accelerated, especially for three-bedroom households. At present, there are about 150 listings. The entry unit is a two-bedroom household with a saleable area of ​​518 square meters. The asking price is 6.3 million yuan.

He continued that after the two flats with a property price of about $6 million were recorded in the first quarter of September in the same district, the number of squatters rose, and four transactions were recorded in the whole month. The existing market is about 40, with a asking price of 6.5 million yuan. Start. It is understood that the low-rise households of the property have a usable area of ​​846 square meters. The estimate was over 10 million yuan a few months ago. It has now fallen to 9.69 million yuan, down 4.3% quarter-to-quarter.

The blue-chip housing estates in the urban area also experienced a rapid decline. The low-rise households in Shun On Court, Taikoo Shing, Quarry Bay, had a saleable area of ​​580 square feet. The estimated period was 11.49 million yuan, which gradually fell to 10.65 million yuan, a 7.3% drop.

The agent pointed out that in the near future, the owners are willing to lower the asking price, stimulating about 15 transactions last month, compared with only 5 in August, which is twice as much. At least 5 transactions in the period were less than 20,000 yuan.

Laguna City average price is 5% lower

The 18 high-rise households in Ligang City, Chaguoling, are now estimated at 7.82 million yuan, with a saleable area of ​​517 yuan, a price of 15,126 yuan, a quarterly low of 420,000 yuan or 5.1%. Zhongyuan Hong Jinxing pointed out that the property price of the housing estate has dropped significantly recently, and the average price in September fell by nearly 5%. At present, there are about 55 purchases and sales, and the price of the two-bedroom households starts at 7 million yuan. The highest price of this type of units has exceeded 8 million yuan.

Senior investor Wu Guanliu believes that due to the poor prospects of the property market, everyone adopts a wait-and-see attitude. Therefore, the public should be psychologically prepared and the property prices will fall within 10%. He also pointed out that it is difficult to predict how long the downturn will last because the social situation is in a stalemate and there is no sign of a solution.

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