VIGNATURE industrial building pushes a hundred people, the price is 12.2 million

The prospects for the Wong Chuk Hang Industrial Building are good. Investors are pushing the new VIGNATURE of the industrial building for a total of 100 people. The price is about 12,200 yuan.

Push the 2nd floor featured platform households 5 people

Investor Lin Zifeng sold the new VIGNATURE of the Wong Chuk Hang Industrial Building at the end of August. The first batch of 8 layers and 120 groups were all cleared up, and the cash price was 1 billion yuan. The price was higher at 1.42 million yuan. 155 people, accounting for more than half of the project.

Lin Zifeng is re-launching the project. It is about 100 people, and the price is about 12,200 yuan. It is close to the previous price. The floor is distributed on the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 17th and 23rd floors, such as Room 1710, with an area of ​​about 492 square feet, with a price of 6.79 million yuan and a price of about 13,800 yuan.

It is worth mentioning that in this sale unit, the 2nd floor special platform unit is involved, involving 5 groups, such as Room 209, with an area of ​​about 733 square feet, together with 245 square feet platform, the price is 10.26 million yuan, and the price is about 14,000 yuan.

The property is located at No. 14 Wong Chuk Hang Road. It was originally an old-style industrial building. Investors Lin Zifeng and others acquired property for many years. After rebuilding the property, it is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2020. Each floor has an area of ​​about 8,400 square feet, with 14 to 15 units in between, and an area of ​​more than 400 square feet, for a total of 300 people.