Activation restarts

The activation of the industrial building will be restarted, and the reconstruction will relax the plot ratio. The industrial building will become the focus of investment in the short term, and the entire building can see the first line.

Shaorong Iron and Steel Plant 530 million transactions

This year, the overall industrial and commercial market is improving. According to the data of the Research Department of the Midland Industrial and Commercial Department, since the Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue proposed in August last year, after studying the policy of restarting the construction of the industrial building, the rental price of the industrial property has ushered in a good rise. At the end of the month, the price of industrial buildings increased by 17.9% during the period and the rents also rose by 10.7%. In terms of volume, the Government announced that one year after the reactivation of the activation policy, the average number of registered trades per month for industrial buildings was 515, an increase of more than 45% from the previous year’s average of 355 cases.

As for the recent sale of the whole building, the Land Registry information shows that the East Asia Kuyun Shaorong Iron and Steel Plant at No. 18 Dongyuan Street, Yau Tong was sold for 530 million yuan last month. The buyer was Qingjian International (01240). ), a contractor and developer, has a foundation and land leveling project in Hong Kong and more than 10 residential projects in Singapore. The site of the steel plant covers an area of ​​about 18,000 square feet. It was re-designated into a “Comprehensive Development Area" by the Planning Department in the early years. The intention is to promote redevelopment for residential development.

Full-scale industrial building

In addition, by the chairman of Salsa International (00178) Guo Shaoming, the young son Guo Haoquan, and the chairman of Fanhai International (00129) Feng Zhaoxuan, Feng Kang, Xie Yaosheng and Hong Yingwei founded the real estate fund company Linfeng Capital, which was recently active in the industrial market, including 1.253 billion yuan. Xingsheng Creation (00896) purchased the San Po Kong Meihua Factory Building with a site area of ​​approximately 15,000 square feet. In addition, the company has also invested about 573 million yuan to purchase a multi-storey building in Kwun Tong Rong Hing Lee Industrial Building, and has unified ownership.

According to statistics from the Information Technology Department of the Midland Industrial and Commercial Bureau, in 2016, six full-scale industrial buildings were recorded. In 2017, the government intentionally restarted the activation measures in 2017. The number of industrial buildings increased to 22, involving 16.55 billion yuan. In the first nine months, there were 16 commercial buildings in the whole building, involving about 15 billion yuan.

In the recent policy address, the new industrial and commercial measures were mentioned to allow the whole industrial building to be converted into a transitional building. The non-residential industrial building can apply for redevelopment of the whole building, allowing the relaxation of the non-residential ratio of 20%. This is because both measures are beneficial. If the value of the building is converted into a residential property, it is expected to increase the rental income. The relaxation of the plot ratio will definitely speed up the redevelopment of the consortium. Therefore, the industrial building will be invested in a short period of time, and the whole building can be used for activation and reconstruction. Pursue the object.