Ruxin Square Shen Guang Density

Hong Kong’s retail and tourism performance has improved. Hong Kong has earlier applied for the relaxation of the plot ratio and the increase in catering facilities in the Tsuen Wan Plaza. The Planning Department has objected to the traffic. It is difficult to obtain a green light for the Town Planning Board.

Hua Tuo proposed to build the hotel floor on the 6th floor of the Lixin Square in Tsuen Wan. Last year, the plot ratio was relaxed from 9.5 times to 9.61 times to build an additional 27,400 square feet of food and beverage facilities to match the future operation of the hotel. And mention that the square has a 24-hour open pedestrian access, which can be regarded as a public facility and is exempted from calculating the floor area. However, the optimization plan was rejected by the Town Planning Board and a review was submitted a month ago.

The Town Planning Board will consider the applications today. However, the Planning Department considers that there is no strong reason to support the relaxation of the project density. There is no assessment report showing that the additional construction will not have a negative impact on the traffic in the district and oppose the application.