Hesheng created a total of 1.1 billion to buy the full layer of the Central Center

The domestic enterprise Hesheng Chuangzhan (00754) purchased the middle-level full-floor unit of the Central Center with a price of about 1.118 billion yuan, and the price was about 435,000 yuan, slightly lower than market expectations.

Price of 4.35 million for headquarters use

Hesheng Chuangzhan announced that it will purchase the entire floor of the 49th floor office building of Central Center with a total area of ​​approximately RMB1,695 sq.ft. and a price of approximately RMB43,500. The group refers to the purchase of the property for headquarters. Hesheng Exhibition is one of the top 5 developers in Guangdong, and many residential projects are located in Guangzhou.

It is understood that this floor was originally held by investor Zhang Shunyi. It was previously sold at a market price of about 50,000 yuan per square foot. Now it is sold at a price of 43 million yuan. The low intention price is about 13%. After the Central Central City was demolished, the first full-floor sale was confirmed. It is reported that a group of investors bought 75% of the title to Changshi (01113) for 40.2 billion yuan last year, and the price was about 33,000 yuan. Now resale, the book profit is about 30%.

It is understood that at present, the Central Centre temporarily recorded three full-floor transactions, including the full floor of the 50th floor, which was purchased by the tenant Guohao Group (00053). In addition, the earlier Jihui Group purchased nearly RMB 800 million and purchased the lower level of the Central Center. The price was about 32,000 yuan, but the above two transactions were all transfer of shares of the company, and the transaction price was not confirmed.

According to the Land Registry, the Shops D and E on the ground floor of the Overseas Chinese Commercial Centre, 678 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, were sold for a total of $168 million. The directors of the buyer registration company are Zheng Jinbiao and Zheng Bingxi, both of whom are related to Chow Tai Fook Jewellery.