Wenhui Road price tag into a luxury house market wind vane

The trade war and the volatility of the Chinese and Hong Kong stock markets have weakened the market investment sentiment and reduced the interest of developers in bidding for luxury homes. This is the price of the Wenhui Road land on the top of the mountain, which will become the market outlook for the luxury residential market.

The site of the Wenhui Road in the traditional mansion area is a large residential area launched in the region after 8 years. The building can be built with a total area of ​​404,000 square feet. The supply in the district is small. The market valuation is between 24.2 billion and 36.4 billion yuan. It is expected to win the king of Hong Kong.

Many urban areas are waiting to be pushed.

Traditional luxury homes in Hong Kong have been sought after by the mainland’s richest people in recent years. However, the recent trade war, interest rate hikes and the sentiment of the stock market have deteriorated. The market uncertainty has continued to increase, which has weakened the investment sentiment of the market outlook. The sentiment of the property market has further strengthened and there is an opportunity to influence the luxury homes and supermarkets. The inheritance of luxury homes.

Some surveyors estimate the cost of developing Wenhuidao land and building interest. The total investment of this single land is nearly 40 billion yuan. It is expected that only super-large developers will enter the standard, or they will have to form a consortium to bear the costs and risks.

In the current quarter, a number of urban quality sites will be launched immediately, including the Seaview Site in the Kai Tak Runway Area and the Phase 2 of the Ho Man Tin Station. The single valuation is about $10 billion and the scale is moderate. I believe it will attract some developers to retain. The “bullet" bid, under the trade-off, has the opportunity to reduce the bidding intention for the super-luxury land.