Wenhui Dao’s current bidding challenged the territory of Hong Kong

The market’s eye-catching peak of the Wenhui Road luxury home is now closed, with a comprehensive valuation of 24.2 billion to 36.4 billion yuan, challenging the most expensive in Hong Kong. Due to the large fluctuations in the stock market, developers are willing to be affected or affected, and the amount of investment is huge.

The site area of ​​the site is about 189,000 square feet, with a maximum floor area of ​​about 404,000 square feet. The market valuation ranges from 24.2 billion to 36.4 billion yuan. The floor price per square foot is 60,000 to 90,000 yuan. Regardless of the amount or the floor price, there is an opportunity to create a new record for the territory of Hong Kong.

According to the report of Jones Lang LaSalle, it is estimated that between the new year and 2020, the new supply of luxury residential buildings will fall to an average of about 13 gangs per year. The supply in the district is small, and the Nie Gexin Mountain Road, which was launched in the same district, has been developed. For MOUNT NICHOLSON, the price of individual units at the beginning of this year reached 150,000 yuan, a new high in Asian houses.

The standard materials are mainly developed by large developers.

The agent in the district said that the former predecessor was a senior civil servant dormitory. The land was in the shape of a strip. In the future, there may be more independent houses. However, it is in a concave position on the mountainside. Although the landscape can be seen from the sea, the opening is general and the bus is rounded. At the office, you should pay more attention to it.

In addition, traditional super-luxury houses are mostly sold in the form of existing buildings. As a result of the vacant tax has been pushed, the market sentiment has deteriorated in the near future. Considering the cost of holding goods, there is an opportunity to influence the desire of developers to invest in land, and the bid is turned into prudence. Zhang Shengdian, Director of Enterprise Development Department (valuation and property management) of Pu’er Group, believes that the surveyor believes that the project investment is huge, and it is estimated that the large-scale Chinese and Hong Kong developers who are familiar with the environment will bid for the project, or the consortium will be selected.