Jun Hao Feng devaluation open debut 486 million admission

A number of new listings on Hong Kong Island have been launched. In addition to the Xindi (0016) Xuanxuan North Point, Hengdih (0012) sold 56 units in Quarry Bay on the first launch last Friday, including 56 units 28 devaluation of the open units, discount admission of about 4.86 million yuan, developers say this is a plus plus the original price, the fastest sale next week. Hengda business (a) general manager Linda Min said that this batch of units including 28 open and 28 one-bedroom units, the average real foot 25,589 yuan, is the original price plus push, the market value of 363 million yuan, the fastest expected next week for sale , An average of real real foot 24,310 yuan.

250 short-term involvement involved

This batch of selling price of the most flat group, for the practical 218 square feet of 5 floor, J room, is an open interval, priced at 5.116 million yuan, after deducting up to 5% discount, the discount price 4.86.02 million yuan, real feet 22,294 yuan; The flat is a practical 290 square feet of the 5th floor, Room H, is a room interval, pricing 659.1 million, a discount of 6.261 million yuan, real feet 21,591 yuan. New World (0017) Sai Ying Pun Xiyuanli project named , is a concession project, expected short-term sale, involving a total of 250 units, apartment layout from the open, one room to two rooms.

Shangheng yesterday 145 million sell three more

For the new luxury apartments, Hong Kong Industrial (0480) Kau Abalone has sold 3 units for a total consideration of $ 145 million for the tender offer, including a practical 7,000-sq. Ft. Block A room of 4 bedrooms (including 2 suites) , The transaction price 58380000 yuan, the price of $ 29,485, the project so far sold a total of 12 partners, cash 614000000 yuan. Chow Shing Founder (0896) Project Management Director Chow Ka Fung said the company is responsible for sales of the Kowloon Tong THE GRAMPIAN yesterday updated price list, the practical 2134 square feet of 8th floor, Room B, even the renovation of furniture priced at 148 million, compared to the previous price Single price of 135 million yuan increase of 9.6%, if compared to the first push in September of 120 million yuan, the cumulative increase of 23%.

12.17 million Cai Shao-fen market Hao Hao

Market sources said the artist Cai Shaofeng recently bought Kerry (0683) Ho Man Tin a practical 589 square feet of low-floor 7 F, with a price of 20,662 yuan at 12.17 million yuan. Cheung Kong (1113) Guo Ziwei, a real estate investment director, said his company’s love of the Sea in Tsuen Wan has a chance of a 15% fare increase. Seung Heon, senior business manager of Cheung Kong, added that there are about 50 3-bedroom estates still enjoying the beauty of Hyun-soo and a price increase of 2% next week.