Xinxiang Shishanxiang spread over more than 15 billion yuan has been the largest price of 3200 yuan foot

disclosed in September this year that Sai Kung Shisu Township has completed the premium rezoning project. Sun Hung Kai and Lands Department have not announced the amount of land premium. As the market came out yesterday, the premium for land expropriation amounted to more than $ 15 billion to 4.83 million Surface meter, the floor price of about 3200 yuan per foot, the total amount to break the 2009 Hengda (0012) Ma On Shan Fall Wo sand project to about 9600000000 yuan hit the largest farm turn residential dwellings record, every floor The price premium is slightly lower than the price of 3252 yuan per hectare dropped by Lianghe sand 8 years ago. Ming Pao reporter Gan Jieying

The newspaper inquired about the premium of Sai Kung for land compensation to the Lands Department. The Lands Department replied that the development concerned was a land exchange application. The assessment of the land premium is based on the then full market value of the land. When assessing the land value, Various factors will be considered, including the market price of property and the terms of land leases, such as the infrastructure required under the title deeds for development and the various conditions stipulated in the planning permission given by the TPB.

Lands Department refers to the assessment of land prices to consider many factors

As for the amount of the city’s premium of more than 15 billion yuan, Shinki, deputy director general of Shindeu, responded that the numbers do not comment, saying only that he is very happy to negotiate the land premium with the government. The project is undergoing pre-design and details will be announced later. In addition, the Group actively strived for the diversion of agricultural land and hoped to increase more residential supply, which helped to stabilize property prices. Huang Zhirong, Xindi’s Deputy Managing Director, attended another occasion yesterday. It also means that the land premium agreement of the Shizu Project is based on the construction cost and emphasizes that the price is “absolutely reasonable". He also pointed out that the project is “habitat" and unlike “Rehmannia", there is no infrastructure network at present. The cost of the preliminary planning, time, design and construction is huge and needs to be developed for at least three to four years. Therefore, it can not be directly compared with “Rehmannia" .

Thunder: continue to fight for agricultural land use

As for the compensation for floor area per square foot at Shisi Township, Sai Kung, which is lower than that of Lo Wu Sand 8 years ago, Zhang Qiaochu, deputy managing director of Colliers International Asia, said the land premium is reasonable and does not consider the government’s valuation as low. Due to the current construction cost of over $ 5300 per sq ft plus infrastructure development expenditure, the development cost per sq ft of the site has exceeded $ 10,000. With a development profit calculation, the sales volume will be at least $ 15,000 per sq ft.

The project involving about 4.83 million sq ft in Shizu Township of Sai Kung is equivalent to one in Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai. It is a rare event in recent years. The project has been approved by the BD for two development plans, including the redevelopment project of the adjacent Ma On Shan Water Treatment Works Of the land, approved the construction of 17 16 to 25 high-rise residential towers, a 2-storey high church and a 2-storey commercial building, residential floor about 215.5 million square feet.

Surveyors expected to cost more than 10,000 yuan per foot

In April this year, the site was located adjacent to the Wo Lok area in Dadong. It was approved to build 29 6-22-storey residential blocks, 30 three-storey bungalows and a 1-storey commercial building. 2,669,200 square feet.

In the meantime, more than 270,000 sq ft of recreational facilities will be built to the north of the project, including golf clubs, sports centers and public car parks.