Reading dark plate earn nearly 7,000 yuan each hand surpassing Alibaba “head hammer flying" material profit 500,000

announced the placing results, the success rate of only 7.72%, 410,000 subscribers, more than 110,000 subscribers “eat ginkgo," many people have to eclipse interest, yesterday reading in the dark market opened higher , Yao Cai Exchange Center, the highest seen 91.95 yuan, closing at 90.4 yuan (see Table 1), making 7080 yuan per hand. Analysts said the catalog reading materials can be doubled today, but investors who call for “out of stock" should not chase high prices. Instead, they can deploy funds to pump another new stock Yi Xin (2858) with the concept of Tencent (0700). Ming Pao reporter Yu Mu-en

Reading in another dark disk Fairfield performance is also bright, the highest intraday see 92 yuan, 67% higher than the offer price of 55 yuan, up to earn 7400 yuan each hand, followed by selling increased to close at 89.65 yuan, 63% above the IPO price, earn 6,930 yuan each, with a total turnover of 444 million yuan. Take the amount of dark disk per hand profit dollars, read even beyond the 2007 listing, Alibaba has been delisting (Table 2).

110,000 people “eaten ginkgo" part of the eclipse

Reading subscription results show that the public offering a total of 418,000 applications were recorded, 625 times over-purchase, more than 100,000 people purchase 200 shares, of which only about 8,000 successful pumping application for 100 hands only to stabilize, reading will press The subscription price cap, which is 55 yuan per share, the estimated net proceeds of about 7.174 billion yuan. An additional 277 heads of mails were recorded for subscription, up to an estimated 18,000 shares. Based on the closing price of yesterday’s dark session, a discount of about $ 130,000 on margin development was earmarked for a profit of over $ 500,000.

10 000 people purchase one-hand 8,000 successful pumping International placement part of the response was equally enthusiastic, recorded a substantial over-subscribed, the family office said it was allocated millions of dollars worth of shares less than one-fifth of the number of purchase, but is expected to To bring significant asset-saving performance at the end of the year.

Reading article in the dark disk yesterday performed well, but the analysis generally agreed that the atmosphere is good, the valuation should not be pursued at high prices. Yao Yao Chih-hui, director of research department believes that dark disk performance is higher than its 50% increase expected that listed rose to 95 yuan profits can be taken away, the stockless investors can also wait until the first round of the end of the increase , To be announced after the announcement of performance to buy.

Hing card: should not be high anti-smoking pumping Xin

Hualin International Asset Management Vice President Ruan Zi Xi said that the Hang Seng Index is currently at 29,000 points high, this time a hot IPO, investors buy is unwise move, would rather “the money will be recaptured Yi Xin," read the text after For some time the stock price decline, and refers to the public is now online (6060) not investors attention, is a lesson.

Ruan Zi-hei continued that Ruan Zihuan’s valuation was priced at 28 times the 2019 PE when it went up by 100 yuan. It is trading at 100x P / E of the 2018 earnings forecast, which he described as “outrageous valuations," so he tends to sell. Recently, however, the reading business was similar. The A-share market listed technology scrambled to 200x P / E, he said. Market hype is another consideration.

Huang Guoying, the managing director of Fame Financial Asset Management, said the allotment of shares would be a long-term investment. The current “over-zealous" atmosphere does not suggest that retail investors chase after this stage and urge investors to wait and see after a period of time before buying.

At present, the atmosphere is “over-enthusiastic" and retail investors are not advised to pursue this stage at present. Investors should wait and see first.