Rattan King family material transfer within the property

The old family “rattan king" Lee’s family, Sham Shui Po Lee Yi-yi building last month with 222 million yuan change hands. The new buyer is a family member and has the opportunity to transfer it internally.

Lee Alliance Building, 36-year-old building, 10 storeys high, with 30 units of residential units, unit area from 239 to 263 square feet range. According to the information, the original owner of the building was Quan Ming Co., Ltd. and the new buyer was Li Wen Xue, which had the same name as the director of the aforesaid company. Therefore, the transaction was an internal transfer. Records show that the family sold its properties last year, including the Wan Chai Huanran House and the Regulus House, the transaction price was 300 million and 200 million yuan.