Second-hand public housing more than 3 million transactions accounted for 3 percent

According to Midland Realty data, 61 cases were registered for second-hand housing (including the free market of uncompleted premiums and the secondary market of uncompleted premiums) in October, with 18 transactions involving more than $ 3 million About 29.5%.

Midland Realty chief analyst Liu Jiahui pointed out that the most expensive second-hand public housing estate last month was the low-rise unit of Lower House, Lower Tatras Village, Wong Tai Sin, with a turnover of 4.47 million yuan. Compared with the previous registration of 1.88 million yuan, Appreciation of about 138%. Statistics show that the number of second-hand public housing registered in October was 61 with a total value of about $ 156 million, a rise of about 5.2% and about 7.4% respectively over the month, marking the seven-month high.

In addition, the Central Plains data pointed out that in October there were 14 second-hand sale and purchase contracts registered with a total value of 94.038 million yuan, up 6 and 6.8 times respectively over the previous month, reaching a six-month high while the number hit a five-month high . This reflects the improved atmosphere after the summer vacation, housing turnover rebounded low.