Hong Kong King Peak Silver Main Board is close to three goals. Selling 16 million low holdings is estimated at 14%.

As the property market moves toward the cold winter, the bank has also accelerated the pace of the building, even at the expense of its own valuation. The main unit of the Hong Kong Kings Peak in Tsim Sha Tsui, which is hosted by HSBC as a silver source, is reported to have sold out from the “three balls" to $16 million in recent days. The price is about one year lower than the price of the estate. The valuation is 1.25 million (about 13.8%). The industry said that the property market fell, and some housing estates were in a hurry to adjust their prices. Even “there is a possibility that even banks are chasing after the market", and the transaction price is lower than the bank’s own valuation.

According to market news, the above-mentioned Hong Kong King Peak Bank held by HSBC is a three-story, low-rise B-room, three-bedroom unit with a usable area of ​​750 square meters. HSBC Bank sold it for $18.8 million as early as November last year. The city told me to sell it, but sold it, and then went to the auction without a shadow (buyer). Until last month, the silver master finally faced the reality, and lowered the asking price to 17.2 million yuan, still no one cares. A few days ago, I cut another $1.2 million (about 7%) and eventually switched to $16 million. The price was 21,333 yuan, which was the lowest price for the housing estate since about November last year.

The price of 21,300, a year low

According to the online valuation statistics of the main bank of HSBC, the valuation of the current silver master is as high as 18.56 million yuan, which means that the final acceptance amount of the silver master is 2.56 million yuan (about 13.8%) lower than its own valuation. At the lowest level of the same building (excluding the 10th floor with the garden features), the tiered unit of the B-room on the 11th floor of the same building is currently estimated at 17.83 million yuan. In other words, the current price of the silver master is low, even the lowest level of the tiered households.

The agent pointed out that the owner of the above-mentioned silver main plate had sold the unit at 16.5 million yuan in 2014 before being repossessed by the bank. However, at that time, the bid price was aggressive, resulting in a long-term failure to accept the project. Silver master. According to the owner’s purchase price of 11.3 million yuan in 2012, the unit only appreciated by 4.7 million yuan (about 41.6%) in about 6 years.

Bank of China cut 850,000 sold at Ocean Shores

In fact, the market conditions have reversed. The bank has set a precedent for the silver main unit that is lower than its own valuation. For example, a two-bedroom unit, the main unit of the second floor of Room B, the 10th floor of Metropark, Tseung Kwan O, has a usable area of ​​496 square feet. On the 1st, it was sold at 8 million yuan, and the price was 16129 yuan. The price of the price was 498 square meters in the two-storey high-rise area. In June this year, the price was 16867 yuan, which was about 4.4% lower.

According to Lin Zhijian, the sales manager of Midland Realty, the owner of the unit is BOC Hong Kong (02388), which was released for sale at 8.85 million yuan in September this year, which means that the price was 850,000 yuan (about 9.6%), and the transaction price was relatively high. The bank’s online valuation was 8.47 million yuan, and it was also 470,000 yuan (about 5.5%).

In addition, some of the silver masters that are hosted by banks as silver are also becoming more conservative. For example, the 3 bedroom units of the lower floor H room of the 8th floor of Ma On Shan Ting Tao Ya Yuan, the practical area of ​​804 square meters, Li Jiage real estate co-director Peng Jiahao pointed out that the above site In the month, HSBC closed the house and became the silver master. The silver owner sold it for 11.2 million yuan in the same month. The offer price was RMB 11.8 million compared with the bank’s online valuation, which was RMB 600,000 (about 5.1%).

In addition, the two-bedroom unit of the low-rise G-room of the 5th floor of Fanling Yifeng, which is hosted by Kangye Credit, has a practical area of ​​459 square meters. Chen Weikang, the regional manager of Century 21 Qifeng, is currently selling for 5.98 million yuan. The main lecture stated that there were customers who went out to 5.98 million to take care of it. The unit price was only 6.25 million yuan, which was also lower than the three banknote-issuing banks.