Two ocean housing sets 220 million 3.9 39,300,000 double broken top

Wing Tai Real Estate (00369) led the development of Sha Tin’s nine-day building project. Yesterday, two couples were smashed, and more than 221 million yuan was cashed in a single day. Among them, No. 3 house was sold out with double breaks. The transaction price was 174 million yuan. 39,300 yuan.

Zhong Zhilin, executive director and sales and marketing director of Wing Tai Real Estate, said that the project’s No. 3 house, with a saleable area of 4,429 square feet, was equipped with lifts and was located in the area of Zhengnan Shatian Racecourse and Chengmen River. The two parking spaces were sold at 1.740597. 100 million yuan, the price of 39,300 yuan, the transaction price and the price of the price have reached a new high; in addition, the H10 housing area of 2083 square feet, sold for 47.493 million yuan, the price of 22,800 yuan.

The plaque at No. 68 Liping Road was sold at the end of last month. In less than two weeks, a total of 8 gangs were collected, totaling about 548 million yuan. The project provides 158 groups, including 68 bungalows and 90 tiered households, with a usable area of 544 to 5129 square meters.