Housing Authority “Shuang Cui” Three Rooms Min Qing

Hong Kong Housing Society (hereinafter referred to as the Housing Society) has two subsidized housing projects: Tseung Kwan O Chui Ling Peak and Tuen Mun Chui Ming Terrace (hereinafter referred to as “Shuang Cui”) are hot sellers. The HS invited yesterday’s 200 successful bidders to pick houses and sold them all day. Out of 115 people, of which there are 330 gangs, Tsing Kwan O Crest Peak has sold 288 (approximately 87%), with only 42 remaining for sale; among the 60 quotas granted to white form personalities, only 4 days have been selected. The remaining 8 are meant to have a chance today.

White form body amount is exhausted

The two housing estates launched in this round have a saleable area of ​​271 to 684 sq ft. The selling price ranges from 1.92 million to 6.23 million yuan. A total of 620 gangs were provided. After 4 days of selection, 402 gangs (about 64.8%) were sold. The HS invited a total of 200 applicants to select buildings and 148 people attended yesterday.

The Cui Ling Peak sales record at No. 48 Cui Ling Road leads the way, with 69 sold yesterday. There are still 42 groups available for sale, including a 2-bedroom unit and 41 1-room units; this property is expected to be completed in the second half of 2020.

The Tsui Wing Terrace in Tuen Mun completed in the first half of the same year was No. 3 on Mingqin Road. There were 46 groups throughout the day, including the last five three-bedroom households. This meant that all three-bedroom households in “Shuang Cui” had been cleared.