Baishijiao Daxie New Disk 1144 Group Pre-sale

The Lands Department announced the pre-sale of pre-sale documents in the previous month. New applications for pre-sale of the New Territories (00016) Tai Po Pak Shek Kok project Phase 2 and Henderson Land (00012) led by the development of the Yuen Long Land Development Project involved a total of 1144 squatters. Months of pre-sales and refusal to withdraw or withdraw applications for sales paper units. The total number of pre-sale units to be approved fell to 12,700, which is a 6% reduction from the previous month.

SHKP applied for pre-sales last month for the second phase of the boundary project between Branch Road and Po Yan Road at Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po. It involved 640 groups, together with the 804 first batch of 804 individuals who had applied for pre-sale, providing a total of 1,444 teams; The New World (00017) development of the Yuen Long Daxie project provided a total of 504 teams, bringing the total number of new pre-sale units last month to 1,144, an increase of 12% on a monthly basis.

Units to be approved fell to 12,700 last month

Among the pre-sales approved last month were the Wheelock Estate’s MALIBU, Phase 5A of Lohas Lohas Park, Tseung Kwan O, which involved 1,600 people; and the Tuen Mun single-item project where rights and interests had changed hands, offering 356 guests, a total of 1956 in two games. In addition, a total of 8 teams at 15 Pak Sha Road in Sai Kung refused to withdraw or withdraw sales paper last month. The total number of units to be approved fell from 13500 in the previous month to 12700, which is a decrease of 6% per month.

Liu Jiahui, chief analyst of Midland Property, said that in the first two months of the year, a total of 6 projects involved 2165 people applying for pre-sales, which was a mere 3.88-fold increase compared with 444 in the same period last year. Among the 12,700 people currently waiting for approval for pre-sale, the largest supply is at Pak Shek Kok in Tai Po. A total of 3,233 gangs were provided.