4.98 million Heng An Village public housing estates in Ma On Shan

The second-hand property market broke the peak transaction, and a high-level 3 bedroom household in Hengan Village, Maanshan Public Housing Estate, was newly sold at a land premium of 4.98 million yuan, becoming the most expensive public housing estate in the area. In addition, the Garden Garden at Shek Yuen Court in Sha Tin has mosquito-type two-bedroom households, and with the price of RMB 19,400, it has historically been the most expensive on the upper plate in the area.

21st Century Qifeng Property Branch Manager Zhao Yuxin said that there are 20 rooms on the high floor of Henghai Building in Heng’an Village, with 489 square meters of practical area and 3 rooms separated. Last month, the land price has been changed to 4.98 million yuan, and a low-level unit in Yaoan Village in the same district has been changed. The cost record written in June last year was 4.28 million yuan, a substantial increase of 16.4%, becoming the most expensive public housing estate in Maanshan, with a price of about RMB 10,200. In October 2013, the original owner bought the land with a premium of RMB 3.1 million. The holding price has risen by nearly 61% in the past 4.5 years, and the book has made a profit of RMB 1.88 million.

Riverside builds 19,400 crowns of Sha Tin on the car plate

On the private property front, Huang Jinyu, the chief joint regional manager of Midland Property, said that the 8 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms on the lower and middle floors of Block A of the Riverside Garden have a saleable area of ​​242 square feet and were priced at 4.7 million yuan in January. In addition to selling a new high, the price of RMB 19,400 was the most expensive car in the Sha Tin District.

It is learnt that the original owner bought the unit for 3.64 million yuan in November 2016, earning 1.06 million yuan (29%) on the book. As the seller sold more than 1 year, it was required to pay an additional stamp duty (SSD) of about 10% of the transaction price. Ten thousand yuan, after deduction of hot taxation, the book still earns 590,000 yuan (16.2%).

In addition, Zhong Jin Real Estate vice district manager Wu Jinji said that the Tseung Kwan O Tian Jin IIIA phase 2A low-rise room B, the practical area of ​​352 square feet one-room households, with 7.03 million yuan change hands, tying up the second-hand house price record in the area, The price of nearly 20,000 yuan, also hit a new high in the second-hand market price in the same area. The original owner-occupied goods had a profit of 1.83 million yuan (approximately 35.2%) for approximately three and a half years.

Wang Junkang, the sales manager of the Midland Property Branch, said that the 5th floor of Meifuxin Village in Lai Chi Kok was very high-rise on Room 9 of Lanxiu Road, No. 9, with 704 square meters of practical area. The principle was that 3 bedrooms would be converted into 2 rooms and the new high price would be 10.70 million yuan. The price was 1.52. Ten thousand yuan, into the top three of the housing estate. The original owner bought only 4.92 million yuan in 2009, about 1.2 times the appreciation.