Lin Zifeng deploys 700 million to attack commercial and industrial properties

Lin Zifeng, a veteran investor who has always been an investment shop, has focused his investment targets on buildings and commercial buildings in the entire city this year. It is expected that the investment will be up to 8 billion yuan. The Chairman of the Eighth Group, Mr Liao Wei-lin, pointed out that this year, the commercial buildings will increase their prices, and the Grade B commercial buildings will have a chance to raise their prices by up to 50%.

When Lin Zifeng attended the New Year customer group reception in Central China (Changppu) yesterday, he said that the main investment in industrial buildings and commercial buildings this year is based on whole buildings or properties with redevelopment concepts. It is particularly optimistic about Kowloon East and Hong Kong Island, with a budget of RMB 7 billion. 8 billion yuan.

Liao Weilin is optimistic about the increase of over 40%

He pointed out that this year, he had been jointly banned by the “tape king” Chen Bingzhi for 950 million yuan to purchase new construction projects for 43-45 Chun Yee Street, Kwun Tong from New World (00017). It is expected that occupation permits will be granted in September and there will be opportunities for demolition. Sale.

In the early days of Lin Zifeng’s purchase of the Wan Tau Tang Shopping Centre in Tai Po (00823), the renovation project costing between RMB 60 million and RMB 70 million was completed. The rent for the shop was 20% higher than that before the renovation, due to the increase in rental and occupancy rate, the overall rent Revenue increased by 40% to 50% when purchased.

Liao Weilin disclosed on the same occasion that the United States is expected to increase interest rates 2 to 3 times this year, and Hong Kong will only increase it one more time. It is believed that the volume and prices of commercial buildings can rise together. The Grade A commercial building price is expected to increase by 5% to 10%, and it is estimated that the price of smash to 70,000 Yuan will be “about the same”. The Grade B commercial building will have more rise, and it is estimated that there will be a 40% to 50% rise.

Another sophisticated investor, Luo Zhuxiong, said that the activation of the industrial building plan or the restart this year will have a positive impact on the rent. He said that the industrial property developments in Kwun Tong, San Po Kong and Cheung Sha Wan will be “pure to buy” without setting a budget for investment. .