First City Depot’s “Six Balls” Has Become a New Normal.

The first limited-time passengers who wanted to find a 90% mortgage and a $4 million release would be more likely to see the opportunity to provide the bank with an internal unit of RMB 6 million, which is based on the Bacheng Building, becoming the mainstream of the car. The statistics of the cost of the four utility housing estates of Depot Garden and Amoy Gardens in Kowloon Bay, Shatin City One in Sha Tin, and Riverside Garden were less than 431 sq ft in the A-unit type (hereinafter referred to as the pick-up unit). The number of car parks in the garden has been recorded at a cost of RMB 6 million or more, and the high levels of the car-carrying units at Tak Bo Garden and City One Sha Tin have also approached the $6 million mark. It is believed that the two housing estates will have this year’s The opportunity to launch the first property unit with a price above “six goals” reflects the continuous improvement of the car door threshold.

The first city in Sha Tin is known for its large scale and has become a paradise for many passengers to enter the city. It is only available on the boarding unit. There are five types of flights with a total of 284 to 327 square feet. As property prices continue to climb, the highest cost of the car’s pick-up unit this year has been pushed up to 5.75 million yuan in the middle of February from the 23 top-level sky-topped households with 327 square feet of usable space, which is a high of 5.355 million yuan from the same type of units at the end of last year. Yuan, which rose by 395,000 yuan (about 7.4%) in only two months, was only 250,000 yuan away from the threshold that could be used to build Bacheng mortgages.

The property price exceeds 6 million The first period needs 40%

At present, the bank with the highest purchase price of 80% will be granted a bank loan of 4 million yuan to 6 million yuan. Take the example of the above-mentioned Kingtown No. 1 City Pickup Unit at the price of 5.75 million yuan as an example. If the buyer is the first customer, The initial period will only be $1.15 million; once the unit’s property price rises from 6 million to 6.01 million yuan, the loan amount will be reduced to 60%, which indicates that the amount of the first period the buyer will bear will be substantially increased to 24.04 million yuan.

Zhou Shuping, 21st Qifeng Assistant Regional Sales Director, frankly admitted that entering the first city of Shatian in 2018 had already taken the lead in the listing of two on-board units with a bidding price higher than RMB 6 million. The most aggressive bid was RMB6.5 million for a maximum of 48 buildings. The rooftop unit has a saleable area of ​​304 square meters. Since the owners of the housing estate currently provide only less than 1% of the bargaining space, it is believed that the first city in Sha Tin will have the opportunity to launch the first home car with a price exceeding “six balls”.

Tupperware Garden, which provides on-board units, has already appeared five deals or broken bargains this year. The latest cost climbed to a high of 5.7 million yuan, setting a record of 5.55 million yuan in the 5th floor of Block B at the end of November last year. Push up nearly 3%.

Huang Jiaming, Senior Sales Manager of Midland Property, pointed out that some of the owners of the estate simultaneously raised the bargaining price. At present, of the 30 stocks, there are 2 stocks with a price of more than RMB 6 million, and one of them even more in 4 months. Ten million to 6.2 million yuan, an increase of 500,000 yuan (about 8.8%).

The river calls for about 5 million sea pearls

In the same district, the Amoy Gardens Garden car rental unit, which had already passed the 6 million yuan mark in November last year, has risen to a new high of 6.1 million yuan. Huang Jiaming revealed that at present, about 40 boarding units in Amoy Gardens are in the market, asking for a price of more than RMB 6 million and six of them, including three more forcing RMB 7 million, in the face of continuous reduction in the number of stocks and a desire to lower prices of property owners. In this year, the number of pick-up units for the “six balls” in the housing estate will gradually become normal.

In the four housing estates currently surveyed, only the riverside gardens have a high cost of 4.788 million yuan. There is still some distance from the 80% mortgage “deadline” of the 6 million yuan, and the most expensive bid is only 5 million yuan. The goal of the competition.

Mr. Shaoming Shao, Chief Executive Officer of Midland Real Estate, stated bluntly that the Class A unit in the publicly-known vehicle unit has always been supported by two major factors: rigid demand for vehicles and investment demand. As a result, property prices rose more rapidly; “The monks rushed to grab $6 million in grants,” accelerating the rise in the prices of such units, and some owners even borrowed to narrow their bargaining space, and even increased or countervailed.