Hot city prices rise controlled

In his work report, Premier Li Keqiang mentioned that in the past five years, the mainland has focused on supply-side structural reforms to cultivate new growth drivers, accelerate the improvement of economic structure, and promote “three gossips and one subsidy.” Inventory, deleveraging, cost reduction, patching. Among them, as a result of the guidance of the City’s classification and guidance, the destocking of commodity houses in third- and fourth-tier cities has achieved results, and the rising prices of hot-street property prices have been controlled. Leverage was properly implemented to control the scale of debt and increase equity financing. The asset-liability ratio of industrial enterprises continued to decline, the increase in macro leverage rate narrowed, and the overall trend was stable.

Li Keqiang pointed out that it is necessary to better solve the problem of housing for the people and start a new three-year shed reform plan, starting 5.8 million units this year. Increase the protection of public rental housing, to ensure that families with low-income housing difficulties should be guaranteed, to meet the conditions of the new employment of non-household workers, migrant workers into the scope of protection.

Start a new three-year shed to change the base

At the same time, insisting that the house is used to live, is not used for speculation, the implementation of local responsibilities, continue to implement differential control, establish a sound long-term mechanism to promote the smooth and healthy development of the real estate market. Support residents’ demand for self-occupation and purchase housing, nurture the housing rental market, and develop joint-property housing so that the broad masses of the people can live and live in peace.