The Lands Department has set up 3 task forces to speed up the promotion of large-scale land acquisitions, co-ordination and approval

The Lands Department has set up 3 task forces to speed up the promotion of large-scale land acquisitions, co-ordination and approval.

Insufficient land supply has been plaguing Hong Kong. The Lands Department will speed up the land development process and make good use of government land. The measures include the establishment of three task forces internally, the central government to coordinate land sales and large-scale land exchanges, and strict occupation of official land. In addition, the “Transitional Housing Task Force" under the Transport and Housing Bureau has a number of urban areas. One of them is the site of the Lands Department at the west of Chin Chow Street in Sham Shui Po. It covers an area of ​​5,100 square metres and is expected to be available. About 210 units.

The soil supply group started in March

A number of senior officials from the Lands Department yesterday and the media tea, accounted for this year’s work goals. The Director, Mr Chan Siu-ching, revealed that three task forces will be set up this year, including the “Land Supply Team", the “Central Co-ordination Team" and the “Special Task Force". The Land Supply Group has more than 60 staff members. The Central Government coordinates the sale of land and amends large-scale land leases, that is, applications for commercial or industrial floors of 500 residential units or above and 10,000 square meters or more. Chen Songqing said that the Land Supply Group is “buried" and has rented an office in Kwun Tong. It is expected to start construction from March to April this year and will begin to explain future arrangements with developers and authorized persons.

Chen Songqing continued that the special task force has 100 people and it is estimated that work will begin in April this year. The task is to crack down on occupational occupations. Cases with serious plots in future districts will be drawn up from this group, such as squatter cases involving the construction of mortuary or residential use. The team will also take the initiative to investigate and seek to make the squatter have been hit before the occupation.

Jinzhou Street West Building Transition Room Add 210

The Central Co-ordination Team is mainly responsible for handling large-scale land premium cases and coordinating the approval of development parameters by various departments. The Deputy Director of the Department, Murong Han, explained that the same development parameters on the same plan are subject to review by the Lands Department, the Planning Department and the Buildings Department. The three have duplicated their work and have been prolonged. Therefore, they will be dealt with in a future. It must be reviewed by the Planning Department.

The Transport Bureau has set up a task force to deal with transitional housing arrangements. The Lands Department also provided support. Chen Songqing pointed out that the department has found a certain number of government land for the group to be located along the urban railway, with a considerable area and transportation facilities, which can be released for nearly five years in a short period of time. Some areas are as small as 500 square meters, and some are large. More than 5,000 square meters, one of which is the site of the Lands Department of Qinzhou Street West, covering an area of ​​5,100 square meters. In September this year, it will be able to build a transitional house. The Social Welfare Association applied to the Lands Department yesterday for a short period of five years to build two four-storey mixed-use houses and provide about 210 units. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

In addition, the Lands Department will launch two large-scale land resumption projects this year, including the first phase of the Public Housing Development Project in Heng Chau and the Fanling North and Kwu Tung North New Development Areas. The former involves 180 households with about 400 persons and the latter involves 445 households. The Department expects that the two projects will apply to the Finance Committee for funding in the first two quarters of this year to commence land resumption and relocation procedures during the year.