About 9,000 units lower than the market price of rental housing agreement free of charge measures to be divided into public rental housing waiting households

The Policy Address proposes that the Housing Society should study the sale of housing units under the subsidized land subsidy to rent the needy families at below the market price. It is expected to involve about 9,000 flats. The Chairman of the HKHS, Mr Yu Man-hai, responded to the inquiry that the initial idea of ​​the non-premium unit could only be rented, not the whole unit, and that the object would consider the family on the Waiting List, but the rent level and the number of units To be studied. Ming Pao reporter

The Housing Department has funded the sale of housing units, including housing estates under the residential sale scheme, housing and subsidized sale of houses “Green Yau Court" and “Green Yiyuan Court", involving about 20,000 units. In his Policy Address, Mr Tsang pointed out that the Housing Authority would try to lease the subsidized housing owners to subsidize the needy families at less than the market rent.

For the children moved out of the unit owners

Mr Wu said that the scheme would still be discussed with the Transport Bureau to determine more specific details. The aim was to make good use of the existing public housing resources. He said that many of the owners who bought the flats in the early years of their families had living in their flats after their children had grown up and moved out of their flats. “Many of the two or three-bedroom flats were in use, and they wanted to rent" , But for the lease to the first premium, the current price of the property market at any time to 200 million to 3 million yuan, and ultimately the owners do not step, so the initial idea of ​​the plan is to sublet the unit, rather than the entire unit rental, Is the owner is willing to rent one of the rooms or two rooms, to receive a total of living, “otherwise it will be different from the original intention.

Mr Wong said that the initial plan was benefited from the family on the Waiting List. “As for the waiting for two or more years, it was not determined." The rent level should be studied again. The family’s own income is low and the affordable rent is not high, but if the rent is too low the owner may not have the incentive to participate in the scheme. There is currently no known how many units can be released, but the HKHS is willing to explore to alleviate the housing difficulties of the grassroots.

Owner: sublet “absolutely no"

8 years ago by the income of the review, with a white flower about 2.5 million yuan to buy 700 sq ft of sandwich folder He Wen Tian Xin Tu Xuan unit of Mr. Zhu that the new plan for his “useless", because they have no financial ability to buy another A unit of self-occupied and then rent, even if the land is free, it will not flat rent units. 3 years ago to green table about 3.9 million yuan to buy more than 400 feet North Point health village unit He that the plan is attractive and flexible, if the future have to move to a larger unit, may consider the rental unit. She said she could accept the market price of 90% of the rent, but if the rent is only seven to 80% of the market price, she would rather land premium to obtain the market rent; as to rent with the tenants is “absolutely no", worried about future tenants rent, It will be difficult to open after ripe.