Kowloon commercial store after the recovery of material prices

Commercial property price index, the Central Plains industry and commerce refers to the Hong Kong Island area A tower price increase is very high, while the Kowloon area is chasing behind, the material price rose.

According to the Central Plains industrial and commercial shop ten monthly commercial statistics show that in September recorded a total of 11 transactions, slightly increased by month. In terms of cost, the number of buildings in the previous month was marked by the index, and the focus fell on the top floor of the Central Center. The transaction price was $ 738 million, with an area of ​​13,213 square feet and a price of $ 56,000, Second foot price more than the old record 40,600 yuan, a substantial increase by 38%, new buyers for the Chinese people.

The purchase of the traditional commercial buildings, the eight groups Liao Weilin to about 52.53 million yuan, the purchase of Shanghuan Shun Tak Center China Merchants Building, 31th Floor, Room 10, an area of ​​about 1,793 square feet, about 39,300 yuan per square foot, the unit to lease transactions, the rate of return of nearly 2.5% The Liao Weilin pointed out that the purchase unit plan for long-term holding, do not rule out if there is a substantial increase that is sold.

Wing on the square price of two square feet in January

Hong Kong Island prices rose significantly, the investment sentiment spread to the Kowloon area, Tsim Sha Tsui East Square is twice within a month break, first in the middle of the 4 rooms, an area of ​​about 1,351 square feet, to about 29.91 million yuan sold, 2.16 million, a new height of the building. In mid-September, there were about 3,151 sq ft in floor area, 4 to 5 rooms on the 6th floor of Wing On Plaza, with a total turnover of $ 88.22 million and a price of $ 28,000 at $ 7,000. Out of 3 into.

Newport Center Middle Price of 22176

The area is about 1,443 sq ft and is priced at about $ 32 million, with an average price of about $ 22,176 per sq ft, a record high. The unit enjoyed the Kowloon Park landscape and the original owner bought the property at about $ 18.5 million in 2012 at an average price of about $ 12,820 and a profit of about $ 13.5 million.

Zhonghou industrial and commercial shops He Shuzhen pointed out that Hong Kong Island this year, a significant increase in commercial prices, foot price of more than 50,000 yuan, compared to the first half of the Kowloon City commercial quiet trading, foot prices show low water, so that funds into the Kowloon commercial buildings. She said that Wing On Plaza units with full sea view, for the Tsim Sha Tsui the highest quality, so the creation of new indicators, and the district commercial owners generally anti-price, in the range of 2 to 3 percent, she expected, due to the concept of recovering, In the next few months, trading in the region increased and the price per square foot also increased.