Shouwen twenty-eight market outlook is still optimistic

Hong Kong stocks yesterday in the Chinese financial stocks made good, and real estate stocks rebounded on the 28,400 level on the heavy, but significantly reduced turnover, reflecting the intention of investors into the market prudent. Hong Kong stocks will remain at 28,500 points, and the market outlook will remain cautiously optimistic if the mainland is expected to continue to announce economic data.

Hong Kong stocks rose, Tencent (700) can be described as credit, since the beginning of the year, its share price rose 85%, contributing to the Hang Seng Index nearly 1,700 points, accounting for the Hang Seng Index rose 1/4, the stock yesterday also once again a record high. Although the increase is strong, but the US listing of Alibaba more powerful, up to the current year up to 110%. Recently, Ali held a “cloud habit conference" in Hangzhou, announced the establishment of the global research center “Dharma", and plans to invest more than 100 billion yuan in new technology investment within three years, highlighting Ali’s future development ambitions.

Ali’s Taobao and ants gold clothing development is strong, the other in the development of cloud technology is also better. Research firm Gartner recently released 2016 global public cloud market share report shows that Ali cloud has surpassed Google, the global cloud computing market share of the top three in the Chinese public cloud market share of more than four percent; and in the top 10 market share , 2016 operating income growth also to Ali cloud head, up to 126%, much higher than the same period in the market share of the first Amazon AWS45.9% growth rate. Recently also means that Ali will enter the market, do not let Tencent special beauty.

Relative to Ali and Tencent, Baidu development in recent years, a little stopped Baidu has been relying on search business, in the “Wei Zixi event" after the more criticism and challenges. So among the three, Baidu have more urgent need to open up new bright spots necessary, which AI (merit intelligence) is the development of the sword of Baidu. Baidu has more than 2,000 AI research and development professionals, but also invest a lot of resources in related development. Its chief operating officer Lu Qi in this year’s “Baidu AI Developers Conference" will show that “AI is Baidu’s chance, Baidu will All in AI". Baidu is now familiar with the AI ​​strengths are the dialogue of artificial intelligence system DuerOS and automatic driving platform, that is, “Apollo plan." Or the development of their longing, the stock also recently a breakthrough, I believe in the foreseeable future, Baidu is expected to AI and the other two competing for the male. I declare to hold Tencent shares

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