The number of BSD residential transactions last month fell by 17% month-on-month

The Central Plains Index (CCL), which reflects the second-hand property prices in Hong Kong, has not recorded an increase for five consecutive weeks. The property market has been quiet, so the government’s sales of spicy taxes have also decreased. The Stamp Office of the Inland Revenue Department announced yesterday the number of the three major hotspots and taxes in the property market in Hong Kong. Among them, the number of residential transaction records involving buyer stamp duty (BSD) in September was 228 transactions, which was 17% less month-to-month, involving taxation of 612.9 million yuan, 10% less month-on-month and the lowest since March this year.

According to the published data, the total tax revenue in September was 2.725 billion yuan, which was an increase of more than 140 million yuan or 5.7% per month compared with the 2.597 billion yuan recorded in August.

As for the double-label duty DSD, there were 2113 transactions, which was the lowest since 1798 in February last year. However, the decrease was mainly from non-residential properties. The number of non-residential properties involving double stamp duty last month was only 1521. In August, it fell 33% and fell for 3 months.

In addition, in terms of buyer’s stamp duty BSD, there were 228 related transactions last month, which was 17% less month-to-month, involving taxation of 612.9 million yuan, 10% less month-on-month and a new low after March this year. There were 592 residential property transactions involving double stamp duty, an increase of nearly 6% from August.

40% of the owners of Jiahu Villa are asking for a price reduction

The market conditions in the property market have gone from bad to worse, and many marketers have sold their prices. Wu Yaozu, deputy regional sales manager of Tianyuanwei, Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that under the impact of the weaker factors, about 40% of the owners of the Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai are now reducing their prices. The reduction has been significantly reduced. Recently, the estate has recorded 8 transactions. The performance was slightly improved from the end of last month.

Among them, Meihuju has 3 middle-floor F rooms, with a practical area of ​​441 square feet, a building area of ​​578 square feet, 2 rooms separated by an original price of 5.6 million yuan, and a recent price reduction of 220,000 yuan to 5.38 million yuan. The average practical price is 1.22. Ten thousand yuan.