Silver main plate at Yide Road, Kowloon Tong, low price of 52 million

The property market callback, the luxury home continued to appear in the silver main plate, a low-rise unit of Kowloon Tong 1 & 3 Ede Road (No. 1 to No. 3 Ede Road) has become a silver master, with a asking price of 52 million yuan.

Baiyu Bungalow The first used 49 million baht

The units involved are two low-rise B rooms with a saleable area of ​​1,409 square feet. The current silver main vehicle is sold for $52 million, with a price of 36,900 yuan per trip.

According to the Land Registry, the original owner purchased the above unit for $58.822 million in 2016 and subsequently resold the unit at $50 million in April this year. However, the transaction was suspended and the transaction was not completed. The main board will hold an open day to prospective buyers.

In addition, the first second-hand trading was recorded in Yuen Long, and the market reported that the housing estate was just $49 million, covering an area of ​​3,844 square feet and a price of $12,747. The original owner purchased the unit for $46.17 million in 2017. Although the buyer has not been able to pay for the goods for three years, the new buyer is willing to pay the additional 10% of the stamp duty involved. Furthermore, the new buyer is a mainland customer and enters the market in the name of the company. Paying 30% of the hot tax, the total cost of entering the market this time is as high as 40%, involving an amount of 19.6 million yuan, and the total price of the building is calculated to be 68.6 million yuan. As for the original owner’s book, it earned about 2.83 million yuan to leave the market, earning about 6%.