No. 3, Guanjun Garden Road, rent rose to 140 yuan

Wang Jiaqi, CEO of Champion REIT (02778), said at the event that there was insufficient supply of commercial offices in Central, and the nearby Hutchison Building was about to be rebuilt. Many companies were looking for new locations to relocate, and the shared workspace was welcomed by start-ups. The rent of office building No. 3 of its Garden Road was raised from 130 yuan in August to 140 yuan.

Langham Place Golden Week Ding Cai

She pointed out that the current office occupancy rate is over 98% and the shared work space accounts for about 5% to 6% of office buildings. The occupancy rate of Langham Place is fully saturated, with tenants including beauty, fashion and advanced medical companies. The Golden Week retail market is booming, the number of people in Langham Place has increased, and the turnover of major merchants has double-digit growth. In addition, Wang Jiaqi hopes to create a special feature for the Garden Road No. 3 office building, giving people a feeling of relaxation and comfort. It coincides with yesterday’s “World Mental Health Day". In the morning, the second suspected suicide in the railway station was suspected at the MTR station. She believes that Hong Kong people are under great pressure, especially those working in the office. . At the event held by Guan Jun yesterday, the fitness instructor was invited to teach the working person “chair yoga", which is a stretching exercise that can be done while sitting.