ONE HOMANTIN plus commission “one ball" Owner Qi Zhao Gu sell Coral Court price reduction and then send the watch

The second-hand property market has turned from Wang to Jing, and the prospective buyers have entered the market to cool down. In the past, the number of customers and real estate agents used in the market has recently reappeared. Among them, Ho Man Tin ONE HOMANTIN has a large commission to the owner and a commission of “more than 1.08 million yuan" to promote agent hackers. The owner of the Coral Pavilion in the Mid-Levels of the North Point presents the name of the restaurant “Gu Pan" to the agent. The small and medium-sized agent bank recruits the buyer through the overweight gift vouchers.

Zhenglian, the manager of Midland Realty, said that ONE HOMANTIN has a high-rise room A, 4 rooms, and a practical area of ​​975 square meters. The owner bought it for 210.32 million yuan in September 2016. The goods are only sold for two years. Urgent to sell. Recently, the unit has even sold a stamp duty (SSD) of 27 million yuan at a price of 27,692 yuan, which is close to the current one-hand price, and greatly increased the agency commission from the original 1% to 5%, which means that the commission for the transaction will be 270,000. Yuan surged to 1.35 million yuan. The owner’s overpaid commission of 1.08 million yuan is enough to cover the first period of a price of 5 million yuan.

New Territories property prices fell

Coral Pavilion has owners who use alternative methods to promote the unit. On the 21st, the real estate executive director Huang Wenlong said that the middle unit of Block A has 3 units and the practical area is 1173 square meters. The owner sold it at 28.8 million yuan in early August, knowing that the market sentiment is poor. In September, the asking price was lowered to 28 million yuan, a decrease of 800,000 yuan (about 2.8%). Although it has been close to the market price, it has not been able to be released. At the end of the month, the owner has indicated that agents who can facilitate the transaction will receive a Rolex watch with a value of up to 88,000 yuan.

Huang Wenlong admits that “the hackers usually pick one hand first", and the agent also concentrates on the new disk, which makes the second-hand market that has been beaten worse. Therefore, some owners simply urge the agent to “return the agent". helper". In the past month or so, about 16 of the 11 major housing estates in the district were listed, and about 5% of the owners proposed a commission of 1% to 1.5%.

Property prices in the New Territories have fallen more sharply in recent months, and the situation of additional commissions in the district is more obvious. Wang Chao, the Principal Assistant Co-Director of Midland Realty, said that the above waters, for example, some of the owners who have exchanged goods and are eager to cash out have started to commission. Among them, there are 50 real estates in 7 major housing estates in the city center of Sheung Shui. Or 5 unit owners will increase the commission to 1.5%. The owner of a two-bedroom unit in the middle floor of Room B of the Water Center in the same water center was eager to cash out because it purchased a two-bedroom unit in Kowloon earlier. In September, the price of the above site was reduced from 5.4 million yuan to 5.3 million yuan, compared with July. The cost of similar units is 7%. The landlord said earlier that if I have a real customer, the price will be decent, and I will do more than half of the commission (0.5%).

The prince said that the situation usually occurs in the market, and most of the owners of this class have purchased new units and are in urgent need of cash.

Agent plus code to send supermarket cash coupons

Apart from the owner’s gift and commission, “Gu Pan", the agent has to make a “snack" in the light market. Zheng Hongwen, the account manager of Jinfu Real Estate, pointed out that the current property market has changed from “owner’s city to buyer’s market". This behavior has moved prospective buyers into the market. Since September, they have sent gifts to buyers who have purchased units through the bank. The value of the supermarket gift certificate is from the original 100 yuan, plus 500 yuan.

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the Midland Real Estate Department, pointed out that although the owner’s power of “gu Pan", such as the increase in commissions, may not necessarily be directly reduced, it will have a certain effect on increasing the chances of successful sales. Apart from the increase in commissions, some owners have also heard that they will attract buyers by selling “selling flats and renting flats and even renting flats at higher market prices". Some will also have a turnover period of two to three. In the month, it will be relaxed for half a year. “It is convenient for buyers to attend meetings and increase sales opportunities."