Peak Paradise Park 94 million 沽 Low similar unit price 24%

The property market has fallen, and the luxury house has also experienced a big drop in price. A unit at the Peak Paradise Park is worth 94 million yuan, which is 24% lower than the previous transaction.

According to the Land Registry, a flat at Block C of the Gandaw Paradise in the Peak was $94 million, with an area of ​​2,448 square feet and a price of $38,399. According to the agent, the buyer was the owner of the same estate, and the purchase was fined. According to the data, the units with the lower two floors changed hands by $123 million last year, and the area was the same as 2,448 square feet. Based on this calculation, the transaction price fell by about 24%.

The original owner bought the unit for 850,000 yuan as early as 1975, and the current book profit was 93.15 million yuan.

Berdhausing connected households 38 million

West Pedestrian Court, Prince Edward Road, Kowloon, the top-floor unit is resold for $38 million, with an area of ​​1,514 square feet and a price of $25,099. In 2004 alone, it bought at 17.5 million yuan, and the book profit was 20.5 million yuan, earning 1.2 times.

According to the news, a single house at 10th Street, Tai Po Hong Paradise was sold for $25 million with an area of ​​1,535 square feet and a price of 16,287 yuan.

In addition, Century 21 Qifeng Property Saigon District Business Director Liao Zhenxiong said that the Saigang Botao Bay tiered unit has a practical area of ​​1,987 square feet, and the garden has a total of 2,183 square feet. The original price was 45 million yuan, and the subsequent price reduction was 1.5 million yuan. The district customer purchased it for 43.5 million yuan, and the practical price was 21,892 yuan.