Russell Street Jipu rent Bacheng rent

In the past, the world’s most expensive retail space at Causeway Bay, Russell Street, Ji-shop surge, Christmas and New Year retail season is approaching, the owners have also changed the shop for short rent, the latest case is held by Emperor International (00163) 20 Russell Street Underground, asking price of about three fold monthly rental of 400,000 yuan short-term lease.

Sources pointed out that the 20 Russell Street floor shop, floor area of ​​about 1,000 square feet, the shop facing Times Square, the latest leased for 400,000 yuan short rent, rent only 400 yuan per foot.

Owners change their strategy slightly shorter rent

The former tenant is the watch brand Montblanc, which was rented for 2 million yuan a month in 2014, up to 2,000 yuan per square foot. Last month, the lease was renewed due to the expiry of the lease term. The owner, Emperor, has reduced his rent by 35% to $ 1.3 million. However, he is still unable to rent out before the tenant expires. In order to avoid being vacant for a long time, the strategy has been changed to accept short rent. Compared with the previous tenant’s old rent of 2 million yuan per month, the latest monthly rent for short term rent is only 400,000 yuan, down 1.6 million yuan (80%).

In recent years, Russell Street, Kyrgyzstan shop has been accepted by the owners of the reality, the short rental to Lee is the closure of stores and snack shops. Currently Lot Lot Russell Street, 59 to 61 G, G Shop on the ground, temporarily to 600,000 yuan short rental to the fashion shop.

Information from the Land Registry revealed that 15 car parking spaces and exterior advertising spots in the shopping mall in Tung Chung were sold out at 401 million yuan last month. The new buyer was ASIA PRO STAR LIMITED. The director of the company is Xue Xiaoyu. It is reported that Its family and related parties are active in investing residential properties in Tung Chung. It is understood that the mall total construction area of ​​about 30,000 square feet, the transaction price, the foot price of about 13,400 yuan. Currently, mall tenants, including international kindergartens and convenience stores, have been held by Nan Fung for rent. At present, there are about 850,000 to 900,000 yuan worth of parking spaces per car. Based on this calculation, the market value of the parking spaces involved in the above transactions is about 13 million yuan.