Jotun’s collection of silver masters auction price of 4.88 million

Jotun’s reunion has been in the business for about 2 years. The project’s first record is the silver master’s release. The open-unit auction has a price of 4.88 million yuan, which is 15% lower than the market price.

210呎 high-rise price 23,000

According to the auction data of Central Asia Property, the high-rise room B of the project has a practical area of ​​210 square feet, with an open interval. The price of the main silver is 4.88 million yuan, and the price is about 23,000 yuan. It is put on sale at the auction site.

According to the data, the owner purchased the unit with a total of 5.713 million yuan in 2015, when the price reached 27,000 yuan. Later, the unit was mortgaged to different finance companies, and even the same press, a total of 7 loan records, and eventually became the silver master. The current offer price is 83.3 million yuan lower than the purchase price 3 years ago, with a range of 15%.

No door to the door, the price of 17.5 million

There will be no deputy of the high-rise building in the same place. The unit is 5 high-rise B rooms, with a practical area of ​​871 square feet and a asking price of 17.5 million yuan. Looking up the record, the unit was launched at 20 million yuan in July, and now it is reduced by 2.5 million yuan to launch the auction.

On the other hand, the fourth floor of Dixin Court, Tai Po, has a garden unit with an area of ​​1,021 square feet. Now the parking space is on sale. The current price of the silver owner is $14.5 million and the price is 14,202 yuan. It is reported that in November the market added about six silver masters.