93 listings, 2 rooms, 10 million

the age of the Long Beach in Lang Kok Tsuen is about 15 years old and is divided into 8 blocks

In September, no transactions were recorded, and in August, about one case was recorded. It is located in three low-rise rooms, D, with a saleable area of 549 square meters. It is a two-bedroom interval with a price of about 10,500, and a practical price of about 18,306 yuan.

At present, there are about 93 flats in the housing estates, mainly two-bedroom flats

The entry price for the 2-bedroom unit is 10 million, while the 3-bedroom unit is 18 million.

Ye Cuifen, assistant sales manager of Hong Kong Property, said that the entry price for the two-bedroom unit was 10 million, while the three-bedroom unit was 18 million.

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