Second-hand property prices continue to break the top Jiahu 2 bedroom 1 week expensive 120,000

In the second post-budgeting of the Budget, the transaction was broken and the performance of the fine-price floor was prominent. The construction cost continued to record high prices. The two-bedroom home in Kingswood Villas in Tianshuiwei rose 120,000 yuan in 1 week and reached a new high.

Among them, the 2 bedroom households in Tianshuiwei Jiahu Villa rose 120,000 yuan in 1 week, and reached a new height. The Jinghuju high-rise 2 bedroom households changed hands with 5.27 million yuan, and the price was 12,000 yuan. The selling price reached a new high of 2 bedrooms.

The transaction was a five-storey high-rise F room in Jinghu Lake, Kingswood Villas. The saleable area was 442 square feet, with an interval of 2 bedrooms. It was sold for 5.27 million yuan, and the practical price was 11,923 yuan. Zhang Zijian, assistant regional manager of the US-based Tianhuwei Jiahu Branch, pointed out that the above-mentioned units were put on the market for about 1 month, and the asking price was 5.4 million yuan. The original owner had purchased RMB 3.5 million in January 2015. The book owner made a profit of RMB 1.77 million and gained about 51%. For the previous high price, Li Lake has 10 medium-sized F rooms in the middle, with a saleable area of ​​442 square feet and a price of 5.15 million yuan. At present, the 2 yuan households have an entry price of 5 million yuan, and the 2 bedroom households are currently not less than 5 million yuan.

Shatin Weihua Center Breaks 6 Million

In addition, the first record of the Shaw Wai Wah Centre recorded a turnover of $6 million. According to market participants, the unit is composed of 3 high-rise F rooms with a practical area of ​​358 square feet. It is located to the southeast and has a view overlooking the downtown park, the river view and the inner cage. It is a quality household with 6.38 million yuan. 17,821 yuan.

In addition, Cheung Yip Estate’s sales director, Hu Zhiwei, stated that the high floor of Room 1 in Jingfeng Heights, Tuen Mun, has a saleable area of ​​508 square feet, and the owner originally requested the price of 5.25 million yuan. During the buyer’s purchase, the owner increased the price to 5.35 million yuan, and the buyer finally purchased the house. The price of the home was raked up to 5.35 million yuan. The transaction price was 10,531 yuan.

As for the Zhongyue housing estate, Feng Jingkang, Group B branch manager of the first branch of Central Plaza, Meifu Master Plaza, said that the Meilou Village in Lai Chi Kok has a buoyant atmosphere and the number of towers has doubled. Among them, about 30% of new tourists are coming in. Buyers are entering the market. Active, generally priced at 1-2% from the market price. In the past, two sales were recorded on Saturdays and Sundays, including the 6th floor of Room B of Lanxiu Road No. 32 with a total area of ​​1,098 sq.ft.. It was a family of 3 bedrooms and looked at the view of the building. The owner sold it for $15.8 million at the end of last year. The market price of 1,530 million yuan was sold out, and the actual price was 13,934 yuan.