Top ten estates turn busy

The sentiment in the secondary market gradually returned to the year before the Lunar New Year. The top ten second-hand housing estates surveyed by Midland Property Branch reported that in the past two days (March 3 and April 4), 13 transactions were recorded. Volume rose for two consecutive weeks and regained 10 levels.

Wu Shaoming, chief executive officer of Midland Real Estate, said that the new disk was actively deployed, and that the “Budget” had no major measures for the property market. The recovery of second-hand housing estates has led to a rebound in transaction volume. It is expected that the volume will rise in March. Continuation of the city in recent months. Of the 13 transactions recorded by the bank, the most were in the New Territories, accounting for 9 cases, a ratio of 69%.

Liao Weiqiang, president of Lijiage Real Estate, believes that the budget policy on the property market has settled down. This has added a lot of confidence to the market. It is believed that primary and secondary markets will continue to flourish this year. The bank recorded 12 transactions in the top ten housing estates in the past two days. There were five increases in the week, of which Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai had the largest number of transactions. There were five cases.

Hong Kong Property has recorded about nine transactions in ten housing estates in the past two days and recovered for two consecutive weeks. Centaline Property has recorded eight transactions in the past two days, one for each week.