63 Pokfulam two big customers sweep 15 households

The large-scale new disc debuted, and the market conditions clearly warmed up. After Jiuzhou Jianye (00034) 63 Pokfulam of Sai Ying Pun increased its offer last week, it suddenly pushed up the high-level units on the last Saturday (3rd). The most expensive open-ended households are The project launched 17 groups of the same-day tenders yesterday, of which 15 groups were purchased by two groups of big customers in the form of “approximately one gang”, involving a total investment of nearly 156 million yuan, and buyers are required to pay up to a total of 37 million yuan in spicy taxes for the New World. Development (00017) Sai Ying Pun was the biggest scandal in the past three months after being bought by buyers after sweeping 25 gangs at the end of last year.

156 million in taxes, 37 million in spicy taxes

All 63 of Pokfulam’s sales yesterday were accepted and cashed in at RMB 175 million on a single day. One of the companies purchased 7 of them in a “one-on-one” form, involving a total investment of RMB 90.896 million and paying 30% of the price of the property. Hot taxes, taxes amounting to approximately 27.269 million yuan; 8 groups were purchased by another investor in the form of “approximately one gang" with a total investment of 64.438 million yuan. The premium paid is 15% of the property price, and the tax is about 974.1. Ten thousand yuan, including two big deals, totals as much as 37 million yuan.

63 Pokfulam, located at 63 Pokfulam Road, provides a total of 350 gangs with a saleable area of ​​209 to 494 square feet. It was first released in July last year and is expected to be completed in December next year. Yang Congyong, general manager of Kowloon City Jianye’s marketing and sales department, said that the project has a well-known school network. Investors purchase large quantities of goods for long-term rental collection. In the future, they do not rule out the need for buyers to scan the goods. The Group considers additional units according to the situation. 10% to 15% increase in space.

In addition to 63 Pokfulam being swept away, the current Wanchai single-family housing development project developed by Liangjia Qi, an executive director of Liang Taiqi and SJM (00880), has also won buyers with 27.2 million yuan; 01113) Tsuen Wan Sea Love. Giraffe of Ma Tau Kok, who loves Hyun-mei and its co-development with the Empire Group, has also acquired 2 gangs with large purchases of 53,656,000 yuan and 89,8122,000 yuan respectively in the past Saturday. In the past 2 days (3rd and 4th), the new dish was recorded. 5 big-hand sweep cases.

48 transactions in one hand and two days rose 45%

In the past two days, although there was no focus disk for sale, the market sentiment was obviously warming up. The larger transactions included New World Yuen Long Parkside selling bungalow No. 43 with a total of 41.85 million yuan, with a saleable area of ​​3484 sq ft and a pick up price of 12,000 yuan; Together with other new listings, a total of 48 transactions were recorded in the past two days, an increase of approximately 45% compared with approximately 33 cases in the previous weekend.