Baoying made 111,000 New Territories Green Form Home Owners

The Budget did not see the introduction of the Jiashi measures in the property market. In addition, property prices continued to rise, and a number of New Territories estates had recorded broken deals. In Tseung Kwan O, a two-bedroom flat of Bauhinia Garden in Tseung Kwan O changed hands to 5.38 million yuan of unpaid land, and the average price (available area is calculated. The same below) was approximately 11,100 yuan. It is beyond the price of homes in the New Territories and the New Territories green table. The price of HOS flats is king. The price of the popular on-street housing estate in Tin Shui Wai, Kingswood Villas, has been broken in recent years. The price of a two-room homeowner has reached a level of RMB 11,900, which rewrites the old record less than 10 days ago and pushes it up by about 2.3%.

Century 21 Property Branch Manager Wei Shiliang stated that Baoying Garden has 8 high-rise office buildings in Room C, with 484 square meters of practical area and 2 bedroom spaces. The unpaid land price of RMB 5.38 million was taken over by the outside green watch customers and the transaction price was 11,116 yuan. The agent in the area pointed out that the original landlord put an order of 5.4 million yuan in December last year and sold 20,000 yuan in a slight decrease. The construction cost still hit a new high of 2 bedrooms for the estate, and the price was the first to exceed 11,000 yuan in Tseung Kwan O. The land price was not paid for HOS flats. The original owner purchased the unit for 1.25 million yuan in March 2008, and changed his books to earn 4.13 million, and held goods for 3.3 years to appreciate 3.3 times.

After reviewing the information of the Housing Authority, the old record for the price of green table HOS flats in the New Territories was written down by a high-level household at the end of last year. The price was 11080 yuan, which means that the above Baoying Garden transaction will only maintain about 3 transactions. The monthly record further pushed up 0.3%.

The private market was also broken, and Zhang Zijian, assistant property manager of the US subsidiary, revealed that Jinghu Lake, Kingswood Villas, has five high-rise F-rooms with a total area of ​​442 square feet and a transaction price of 5.27 million yuan. The price of the housing estate was a new high of 2 bedrooms in the housing estate. It was a new record high for the whole estate and it was recorded in the housing estate on the 24th of last month with a record price of approximately 11,700 yuan. The old record was kept for only 8 days. Push up about 2.3%. The original owner purchased the unit for about 3.5 million yuan in January 2015, holding goods for about 3 years, and the unit’s book appreciation was about 1.77 million yuan (about 50.6%).

Weihua Center Breaks 6 Million

The Sha Tin Wai Wah Centre also recorded the first transaction in the entire estate at a cost of more than $6 million. Pang Cheng Cheong, the marketing manager of the Midland Property Branch (Sales), said that there are 3 medium-floor F rooms with 358 square meters of practical area and 2 rooms apart. RMB 6.38 million was sold out and the price was about RMB 17,800.

The original owner purchased the unit for about $4.708 million in February 2015. Shortly after the three-year additional period of the additional stamp duty (SSD) was loosened, the unit was sold out and the book earned 1.67 million yuan (about 35%).