Hawker more than 150 million sweeps 63 Pokfulam

In the absence of any major pushes and new disk sales, the first weekend after the release of the Budget, Hong Kong first-hand residential sales were dull, but we also saw heroes. Comprehensive news and market news, as of about 8 o’clock last night, the territory of Hong Kong’s new set of weekends on March 2 (March 3 to 4) only about 42 groups, of which Sai Yingying 63 Pokfulam sold 17 groups, 15 groups for The large number of transactions between the two big hands was a rare one after the “one-off and many-gang" printing tax in 2017, which involved more than 150 million yuan in investment.

63 Pokfulam was developed by Kowloon Jianye (034), with a focus on small units ranging from 209 to 494 square feet. The sudden increase in the price of preferential treatments on the day before the release of the Budget (ie February 27) was a disguised reduction, with some plans for a reduction of more than 5%. According to the transaction, the transaction was recorded on March 4 with 4 transactions. Two of the transactions involved “about one contract and many gangs." Buyers of the two groups purchased 7 and 8 teams, respectively, and they were required to pay 15% stamp duty.

The above purchased 7 groups of buyers with a total investment of 90.896 million yuan. The units are distributed on the 22nd floor and on the 15th, 19th and 20th to 22nd floors. The space covers 1 room and 3 rooms. The average selling price is 12.985 million yuan. The average price of about 29,300 yuan. As for the purchase of 8 groups of buyers, spending 64.94 million yuan, most of which is about 270 square feet of units, the average transaction price of each group is about 8.11 million yuan; city pass price of about 28,900 yuan.

MALIBU receives 2500 registrations

In addition, there are new discs that are gaining momentum and have attracted most of the market’s attention. Wheelock (020) Tseung Kwan O, Lohas Plaza, Phase 5A “MALIBU”, developers announced 2500 registrations over 3 days yesterday, more than 7 times With over-subscription, the Group is actively considering the promotion of the market, and will arrange first-round sales in the first half of this month.

Huang Guangyao, managing director of Wheelock Real Estate, pointed out that more than 100 groups of customers are interested in buying 2 or more units, which means that they are big customers. Among the total registered persons, East Kowloon and Tseung Kwan O accounted for 60%, while the remaining Hong Kong Island and the New Territories each accounted for 20%. There are also many foreign investor registrations. Nearly 70% of registrants are 25 to 45 years old.