Only 98 Green Forms Deal in March

A new batch of HOS flats closed the application yesterday, freezing a large amount of purchasing power. According to the information on the website of the Housing Authority, only 98 green table and HOS auctions were registered in March, which is the lightest month in the past year. The relevant figures are expected to remain low in the coming months.

Yau Chui Court sells 4.65 million Kwun Tong is the most expensive

However, it is worth noting that despite the drop in the prices of green table and HOS flats last month, property prices have not been affected. According to the website of the Housing Authority, the Green Watch Market at Yau Chui Garden in Kwun Tong has been torn to the top, including a three-room high-rise building on Block C. The saleable area is 400 square feet and it is a two-room interval. It has just changed hands with 4.65 million yuan (without land premium). The price of 11,625 yuan was the highest-priced housing unit in Kwun Tong District, which did not pay premiums. The original landlord purchased 1.52 million yuan in 2010 and appreciated more than 2 times during the period.

Secondly, in the middle floor of Block A, Nam Tai Court in Aberdeen, there is a saleable area of ​​483 square feet, two rooms apart, just in the green table market with a turnover of 5 million yuan, and a price of 10,352 yuan, which is a new high for the price of green units in the estate.

As for the public housing market, the Tai Po public housing estate, Fu Shin Village, has a saleable area of ​​490 square feet. Last month, it changed hands with a total of $3.33 million. The price was $6,796, which is a record high for the green market in the housing estate.

Insiders pointed out that private property prices have soared in recent months, and purchasing power has accelerated their inflow into the public and HOS market. The free market price of HOS flats has been even more spectacular. Huang Jiaming, Senior Sales Manager of Midland Property, revealed that the low floor of Block C of Leiya Court, Kowloon Bay, has a saleable area of ​​483 square feet, which was changed to 5.35 million yuan (filled land price) in the free market, and the price was 11,077 yuan, which is an ideal price level.

The original owner purchased in the free market in November 2016 for approximately RMB 1.805 million, with a profit of RMB 3.545 million. However, due to the fact that the goods have not been delivered for 3 years, 10% (535,000) additional stamp duty is levied on the property price. The owners still earn 3 million yuan to leave the market.