Honda Industrial Center low-level intention 8.55 million

The Kwai and Gifu areas have developed rapidly. In recent years, there have been gradual renovations of old industrial buildings and innovative industrial and commercial buildings in the Kwai Chung area. With convenient transportation and convenient connections between Hong Kong and China, many investors and buyers have been attracted. The owners also When it was sighted, the low-level households of the Hongda Industrial Center in Kwai Chung were sold at an intention price of RMB 8.55 million.

Office decoration returns 4.4%

Huang Meiyi, senior property manager of Rice Properties, said that the sale of the low-level unit of Hongda Industrial Center, No. 21 to 23, Dailian Pai Road, Kwai Chung, with an area of ​​approximately 2,390 square feet, was sold at an intention price of RMB 8.55 million, and the asking price per square foot was approximately RMB 3,577. With a market rent of about 13 yuan per square foot, the rental return can reach 4.4%. The unit is equipped with warehouses and office decoration, inside the cage decoration enterprise management, equipped with toilets and air-conditioning. As for the large parking lot and loading dock in Xiamen, it can accommodate 40 containers, a number of freight elevators and customer-specific lifts, as well as a spacious marble hall suitable for industrial and commercial use. The building has two entrances to facilitate the flow of people. Located in the location of Kwai Chung Logistics Centre, the location is well-connected with traffic and is only 10 minutes away from the nearest MTR Kwai Hing Station.

According to the data from the EPRC’s economic and real estate database, this year, the building temporarily had 4 sales transactions, including 14 high-rise buildings, with an area of ​​about 2,225 square feet, and the transaction price was 8.233 million yuan, with an average price of 3,700 yuan, and another 16 rooms on the middle floor. 2,390 square feet, similar to the above-mentioned places for sale, with 9.2 million yuan changed hands, and the average price was RMB 3,849. Last year, the building was 1 bedroom underground, with an area of ​​13,000 square feet, and was sold at an average of RMB 108 million. The price is about 8,308 yuan, which is the largest deal in the year.

Hwang pointed out that in recent years, there have been a number of projects under development in Kwai Chung District. Industrial buildings have been refurbished and new commercial building development projects have emerged. In a few short years, the industrial zone has transformed from an industrial complex to an industrial and commercial complex. The investment atmosphere has rapidly turned to prosper, driving transactions. The warming of the market trading atmosphere has long been a target of buyers. It is believed that the commercial building in the district has a market with a price and the trading market is expected to continue growing.