Kwai Chung Kingway Industrial Building 4 Units

In recent years, Kwai Chung Industrial Area has gradually attracted investors. Some consortiums have purchased buildings and re-applied for commercial purposes. There are also powerful investors who can purchase their own flats for their own use or investment.

The newly-released Jinwei Industrial Building, a basket of units in the second phase, was sold at an expected price of RMB130 million, which is expected to become a sought after target in the market.

A basket of units

Feng Yuezong, regional director of Jones Lang LaSalle’s Hong Kong Capital Markets Department, said that it is now being sold at G/H, G/H, G/F, G/F, Lower Floor, Phase 2, Kingsway Industrial Building, 167-175 Wo Yi Hop Road, Kwai Chung. The unit, with a total area of ​​approximately 26,513 square feet, was sold in the form of Kyrgyzstan. The intention price of the owners was 130 million yuan, and the bid price per square foot was approximately 4,903 yuan.

According to Fung, the site is located at the junction of Wo Yi Hop Road and Cheong Wing Road and is located in a large unit. The MTR station and multi-lane buses and minibus routes along the periphery of the building have mature traffic networks, and the building is located at a low level underground. The floor height of the underground unit is about 4.5 meters and 3.9 meters. It is rare in the market. In addition, one of the units on the lower ground floor can also reach the parking lot to facilitate loading and unloading of goods. The underground units can also be merged into connected units with an area of ​​about 13,000 square feet. Diversification, suitable for car repair centers, logistics centers, etc., but also for the group headquarters, great investment value.

The unit cage is practical and convenient transportation

The Kingway Industrial Building is divided into two phases. The first phase was completed in 77. The 41st floor has been completed. It is a 20-storey industrial building and the second phase was completed in 78 years. The building is about 40 years old. It is a 27-storey industrial building. Despite being an old-style industrial building, the cages are practically spaced, and the transportation is convenient. There is no shortage of undertaking capacity.

According to statistics, during the year, the turnover of Kingway Industrial Building was dominated by stratified units. The lower-level underground and underground units that were put up for sale were not yet traded, reflecting that the owners of such distinctive units were extremely reluctant to sell. As regards the recent transactions, the first floor of Room 1, Room B of Kingway Industrial Building, has an area of ​​approximately 2,679 square feet, with a change in price of $6.18 million and a closing price of approximately RMB2,307. In addition, the lower floor of Phase 2H has a total area of ​​approximately 2,572 square feet. The price is 7.1 million yuan and the price is 2,760 yuan. In fact, at present, the average unit price for industrial units in the Kwai Chung area is between 3,000 and 4,000 yuan. In terms of strata, the above-mentioned sites are multi-purpose and rare units in the underground, and the cost will be higher. As for the newest and largest transaction in the district, the entire Central Industrial Building, No. 61, Dazhupinping Street, will be changed to 720 million yuan. The building will be activated as a commercial building.