Tsing Yi land prices rose three times in two years

Twenty-five tenders were received last week in the official residence of the Tsing Yi Tui Road. Eventually, Wang’an Real Estate (1243) won the bid of RMB 863.73 million, and the floor price of each floor was RMB 8491. The upper limit of market valuation, compared with that of Jiaming Group (1271) in June 2016, was about 3.3 times higher than that of the Xishan Road in the same district with a floor price of RMB 1980 per square meter. Hongan Real Estate stated that the project will develop boutique residential properties, and it will open up about 200 square meters of open units with a total investment of about 1.3 billion yuan.

Ming Bao reporter Gan Jieying

Hong On Property, which has not landed in the Crown for 3 years, yesterday was awarded the residential land No. 192 in the lot of Tsing Yi City at the junction of Tung Yi Road and Hang Mei Street yesterday. The site is located on the hill and adjacent to the bus. Terminus.

Huang Yao-hsiung, chief executive of Hong’an Real Estate, frankly stated that the site is located in the middle of the Tsing Yi Mountains and can overlook the views of the Ma Wan Channel. With the improvement of transportation facilities, the Met. series will be built. Cheng Deyun, general manager of Wangan Real Estate Development Department, said that the land was well-priced and the projects in the districts of The Met. series were also very successful. It is expected that the project will provide about 300 people, and it will open up about 200 square meters. unit.

Investment of 1.3 billion to build 300 main mini-households

According to statistics, there are fewer residential plots in Tsing Yi District and the site for sale on the previous plot is the Tsing Yi Fine Hill Road residential site, which is farther from the MTR Tsing Yi Station and Tsing Yi City than the opening site on yesterday’s opening. The Xishan Road was launched as early as November 2015. However, the bid for the 9 bids did not reach the government’s reserve price, and the bid eventually ended.

The government made a comeback in May 2016 and once again sold the land and sold it for more than RMB 938 million to the Garmin Group. At that time, the price per square meter of the building was only about RMB 1,980, which was comparable to the selling of the Tuo Road residential plot yesterday. The price of each floor in the area has soared nearly 3.3 times over the past two years.

Lai Fong Senior Director and Valuation and Advisory Department Director Lin Haowen stated that the tendered price of the Tingyi Road Belvedere Residence is a market valuation limit, reflecting the lack of land reserve for developers.

Surveyor expects to sell 17,000 yuan in the future

He pointed out that in recent years, it has been difficult for developers to buy land. Such small and medium-sized land plots are suitable for bidding by small and medium-sized consortiums. Since the amount of investment is not large, land reserves can be increased, and it is believed that the government should push small and medium-sized sites to the market. Lin Haowen expects that the practical price for the sale of the project in the future will be as high as 17,000 yuan, approaching the current average second-hand average cost of about 18,000 yuan for large-scale housing estates such as Yingcui Peninsula in Tsing Yi.