Constantly 9.64 million acquisition of Champagne Tower parking spaces

Property prices continued to rise, and developers actively acquired the property, bringing owners to make a profit. A double parking space in Tsim Sha Tsui Champagne Building was acquired by Henderson Land (0012) last month for RMB 9.648 million. In years, earn 20 times.

17-year appreciation of 20 times

According to the Land Registry’s information, in recent years, one of the double parking spaces in Tsim Sha Tsui Champagne Building acquired by Henderson was purchased last month by Gao Di Investment Co., Ltd. in the name of RMB 9.648 million. The original owner bought it in 2001 for RMB 450,000. The company held a profit of 9.189 million yuan in the book for 17 years, making a profit of as much as 20 times. However, the above-mentioned record for the developer’s acquisition of parking spaces is the second highest record in Hong Kong. The highest free parking space in Hong Kong is still set in 2015, when senior investor Liang Shaohong unified the entire ownership of the Kwun Tong Industrial Building in Kwun Tong and used to Million to acquire a parking space.

Logistics 2320 million into the city of Mong Kok

According to market sources, veteran investor Zhang Shuyi, “Logistics Zhang”, had just purchased Shop No. 9 on the ground floor of Kwong Fai Building, Kwong Wah Street, Mong Kok, with a shop floor area of ​​approximately 800 square feet and a price of RMB 29,000.

It is reported that the shop is now renting 80,000 yuan and the expected rental return is about 4.1%. The original owner had purchased it for 3.3 million yuan in 1997 and held goods for 21 years. His book profited by 19.90 million yuan, making a profit of about 6 times.