Foreigners are allowed to buy private buildings. Lin Zheng: Can be viewed

The property prices continued to be high. The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, attended the question and answer session of the Legislative Council yesterday and further restricted the sale of private buildings in Hong Kong to foreigners. “You can see it again and you will continue to watch it.” She also said that if the hottest is not spicy Or no effect, when the building is extremely short, think about other measures.

Lin Zheng believes that reclamation near the Victoria Harbour is inevitable in the long run, and it refers to many cities that continue to develop. This option must be adopted, such as Singapore.

The Chairman of the New Democratic Party, Mrs Regina Ip, said at the question and answer session of the Chief Executive of the Legislative Council that many home buyers have already understood the evasion of stamp duty. For Lin Zheng earlier, he did not rule out the implementation of private building restrictions on foreigners. Ye Liu asked Lin Zheng. When will you give me a serious consideration of this measure? Will it consider introducing rent controls for mortuaries?

If you push the rent control, it will be counterproductive.

Lin Zheng responded that it is not appropriate to specifically explain the property market policy, in case someone will take it out of context and speculatively promote the property market.

Regarding the tenancy control, Mr Lam said that he understands that there is a view that re-launching tenancy control can solve the problem of grassroots housing. However, the current housing supply is tight and any control measures may be counterproductive, reducing the supply of rental units. Acting.

New Alliance member Fan Guowei suggested limiting non-residents to buy flats and cutting the one-way permit quota. Mr Lam believes that the Government can further examine the restrictions on foreigners buying private flats. “If the hotspots are not hot or have no effect, is there any other way to think about other policy measures when there is an extreme shortage of buildings?”

However, she stressed that the population policy and the property market are two-fold, because the one-way permit quota involves family reunion policies, and I hope Fan Guowei has mercy on them.

Military location is not idle, non-supply options

In addition, the Democratic Party member Yin Zhaojian recently sent a letter to the Central Government requesting consideration of the release of some Hong Kong military land to build houses and facilities to solve the problem of lack of land in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Government issued a statement at night stating that the use and management of any military land is a defense matter; all military land is currently used for defense, there is no idle situation, it is not an option to increase land supply, and the government has no plan to seek to change military land. use.