The leader’s assets rose and the repurchase was not feasible.

At the question and answer session of the Legislative Council yesterday, Lin Zhengyue made it clear that the repurchase of the exhibition was not feasible because the current asset price level of the exhibition has risen very sharply, questioning whether it should be a large number. Public funds are released in response to this demand.

Mrs Lam pointed out that it has been paying attention to the problem of the exhibition. At present, the Government will re-construct the public market in the new towns which lack public markets. The site selection works are in full swing and it is hoped that it will be announced this year, including the location of Tin Shui Wai Market. And the location of Tung Chung Market.

Acting in accordance with the law, respecting the spirit of contract

She also pointed out that the Government still has the power to sell the parking spaces, shopping malls and markets of these estates on the same day, giving the Government some residual powers. What to do and to make changes to the exhibition is to obtain the consent of the SAR Government. It is very tightly grasped, with the interests of the residents as the premise, and will not be allowed to approve it.

Lin Zheng added that Hong Kong is doing things according to law and respecting the spirit of contract. The government has no intention of maintaining the means of conducting business. She has learned that the public does not think that the exhibition is “squeezing" residents. Some public housing tenants think that the operation of the estates is improved.

In response to the decision of a homosexual dependent person to apply for a visa to come to Hong Kong, Lin Zhengyue said that he respected the judgment of the Court of Final Appeal. The government is carefully studying the judgment and will consult legal opinions and conceive how to follow up. She stressed that the court’s judgment did not involve challenging the marriage regulations in Hong Kong. It was only aimed at Hong Kong’s immigration policy. At this stage, the Government has no plan to extend this case to other policies.

Regarding the plan to build a 1.7 billion footbridge in Yuen Long, Mrs Lam said that the Secretary for Transport and the Director of Highways had been asked to discuss with the relevant institutes. They hoped that they could meet the demand of the district and meet the demand of quality cities in Hong Kong.