Lin Zheng did not give a refusal to limit the purchase order organically introduced

Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue said that he could check the restrictions on buying private buildings for non-Hong Kong residents. What is the government’s attitude towards the purchase restriction?

Some people in the officialdom pointed out that Lin Zheng would deny the measures that could not be introduced, such as rent control. However, for the purchase restriction, Lin Zheng did not categorically say no, there is always a line in the mouth, that is, there is an opportunity to implement, but Temporarily not an opportunity.

Another Hong Kong resident said that at present, non-Hong Kong permanent residents (no three-star ID card) and buying a property in the name of the company are required to pay buyer stamp duty and double stamp duty, a total of 30%. If further restrictions are required, they will have to Add spicy.

It’s not a good opportunity, I’m afraid of doing good things badly.

Behind the restrictions on the purchase restriction, Lin Zheng said in more detail on July 1st with the media tea. At that time, he was asked whether he would buy a restricted purchase for a foreigner to buy a Hong Kong building. Lin Zheng responded that it seems that it is not suitable for the purchase restriction at this stage. However, it does not mean whether it will be completely ignored in the future. It depends on the development of the situation; for example, the last government launched the Hong Kong people. Hong Kong is also a kind of purchase restriction, but it seems that it has not helped the people of Hong Kong to buy flats. The government is making policies and is most afraid of doing good things badly.

The Financial Secretary, Mr. Chen Maobo, was asked in early June about the limited purchase measures in the Mainland to allow local people to give priority to home purchases. Will the Hong Kong Government consider and limit the purchase of first-hand measures? Chen Maobo said that he would not comment, so as not to help the property market, because if the government says it will introduce a purchase restriction, it may cause public concern and “rush into the city"; but if the government says it will not consider it, it may lead to another kind of promotion.