“Land Sharing" trial three-year limit of 150 hectares in the application of the Spring Festival to accelerate the supply of housing

The “Land Sharing Pilot Project" originally scheduled to be launched in the middle of this year was delayed due to political factors

The Government stated in the Policy Address yesterday that it is expected to formally accept applications early next year and specify at least 70% of them. The total gross floor area will be allocated to the Government’s preferred public housing or “first place" category. The proportion of public housing will be more than the six to seven proposed last year. The entire pilot project will last for three years and the private land will be approved. One hundred and fifty hectares is the upper limit. The news revealed that the Government has set a time limit for the project to encourage developers to expedite the application. The Government will also expedite the land rezoning process. It is expected that the land lease will be completed within three years and it is expected to be released within six years. Use land. Reporter: Du Zhanming

The “Land Sharing Pilot Project" is an important housing policy for this year’s Government. Mrs Lam said that he also put forward clear guidelines in this year’s Policy Address, saying that the Development Bureau will announce the details of the “Land Sharing Pilot Scheme" later. Participants’ opinions, with a view to accepting applications formally at the beginning of next year. Compared with the government-led planning and active land resumption development model, the pilot plan to make good use of the market’s planning and construction forces is expected to release some governments as early as possible without planning and research. Consolidate the private land of ownership and accelerate the supply of short- and medium-term housing.

I hope to release the land within six years

As regards the “Policy Report", the Government will promote the upgrading of the infrastructure to allow for a higher development density and specify that at least 70% of the gross floor area will be allocated to the Government’s proposed public housing or “first" category. For this purpose, the owner has to hand over part of the land to the government to develop the houses, and the remaining land can be reserved for private housing development. Looking at the information, the proportion of public housing has increased from six to seven proposed last year.

Mrs Lam said that the pilot scheme would last for three years and the private land could be approved at a ceiling of 150 hectares. According to the news, the government set a deadline for the project to encourage developers to speed up the application and indicated that the participating projects must be suitable for high-density development. The newly added floor should not be less than 50,000 square meters of land, and at least one thousand can be provided. A public and private unit to accelerate the pace of land supply. It is reported that the government intends to speed up the land rezoning process. It is hoped that the application process will be completed by completing the application to complete the land lease. It can be completed within three years and the land premium procedure will be completed within 18 months, prompting developers to speed up the completion of the land premium procedure. I hope to release it usefully within six years.

Infrastructure facility fee land price deduction

The Chief Executive stated that the landowner will be responsible for the infrastructure and other community facilities required for the construction of the entire housing development project. The relevant construction costs will be deducted from the land price. All other urban regulations and other statutory and administrative procedures will continue to apply, including the landowner. It is necessary to pay full land prices for private housing development and commercial support. The Government has absorbed external views. We recommend adopting a fair, rigorous and transparent approval mechanism, including a comprehensive review of applications by the inter-disciplinary civil service team, followed by an advisory panel composed of a newly formed and credible community. Approved by the Chief Executive in Council.

It is learnt that the land sharing pilot project site is under the responsibility of the developer. However, if additional land is required as a channel and other infrastructure in the vicinity, the Government can also assist in land resumption in view of the public housing in the project. The land used for the construction of public housing will be proposed by the developer and the advisory team will make the final decision on the role of “checking". According to the news, as the government does not want to plan conflicts with environmental conservation, some of the sites, including the nature conservation area and the coastal protection zone, will not meet the application. Examples include ecologically sensitive land in the Nanshengwei area.

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